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There’s a springy bit on the back side of the contact. (The thing sticking out of the bottom in this picture.)


When you insert it into the housing it’ll lock it into place so the contact won’t pull back out.

If you hold r2 x and triangle when you plug it in ig should force xbox mod . Im assuming you have an imp in there as well.

Do most XBOX sticks/pads not explicitly made compatible with PC, like Hori ones, work on PC anyway without extra work? Can I just plug in my fightpad and use it outright?

It uses usb, it should work. And it does work

I think you just need to dl the driver(s) for Xbox --> computer.

Windows did it automatically for me when I was testing my stick though.

Possible to use an Agetec to piggy back on a Cthulhu?
Does the regular DC pad lag with L/R when piggy backed to it?

The Agetec PCB is common ground, so you should be able to dual mod it with the Cthulhu.

The Sega DC pad is laggy and should not be used in a Dual mod.

Thank you.
Looking up dual mod tutorials now.

this should help… Doubt you’ll find tutorials though, its not a very common mod

You may find it much easier and neater to simply upgrade your existing Cthulhu to a Multi Console Cthulhu.

The upgrade costs $12 + shipping from godlikecontrols.com.

That is what I have. I couldn’t find any information about putting a DC cable on it though. Info?

LMAO totally forgot I asked here

It’s for RJ45 cables but also includes the pinout for a MC Cthulhu.

Has anyone posted anything about dual-modding the Hori SCV stick? Like what PCB to use, how to do it, and stuff like that?

There should be a Hori SCV thread on here with some details about the pcb it has. As for dual modding it, any of the options available can be used to dual mod it.

The Hori SCV stick was relatively easy to go at blind, trying to figure out which signals were the Select/Home buttons were the only pains, means they’re not labeled. I know I posted where the pins were that you needed to get to in the Hori SCV thread, like Jamin said

Maybe I missed it, but is there a thread on switching buttons on a stick?

Hey guys, I’m not sure where to ask this because I don’t really have a question about modding, but this thread says ask your questions here, so I guess this is where I ask. This question is for people who have owned and used a lot of sanwa sticks for a while. Is it normal for your stick to have a little bit of wiggle room at neutral? Its a really small distance that it can go, but if feels a little looser than when I actually move the stick and activate the micro switches. I can’t really notice it when I am playing, but I am just wondering if everyone has a little wiggle room in the center of the stick. Thanks in advance.


Probably - but its pretty straight forward. just dont break the tabs. sometimes easier said than done.