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ive changed out the spring in my stick before from one those generic springs Home Depot sells. They add a unique stiffness to the stick.

Just insert the appropriate size spring on top of the stock JLF spring, snap on the cover and E clip. I think there’s an old thread (or post) I got the idea from way back when.

Paradisearcadeshop.com has a assortment of springs for the JLF.

defineitly gonna check out the website to see what i can find… thanx guys

I didn’t even know that you could plug a headset into a stick.

Has anybody padhacked a wiiu pro yet? Infamous is gamepad and wii u pro only. So I can’t use my Tatsunoko stick. I doubt anything has been done at this point as there are only two fighting games on the WiiU.

How difficult would it be to dual-mod a HRAP V3 SA, and what would I need in order to do so?

360 Fightpad PCB + IMPv2 board.

It’s not an easy mod due to the soldering required and how awkward Hori designed this particular stick shell. If you wanted to have an easier time then install a PS360+.

Its not listed on the back, but this user says otherwise http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/wii-u/looks_like_we_are_getting_injustice?start=300


With the Cthulhu completely bare, when I plug it into my PS3, while a movie is playing (HDD), the O (Circle) Button appears to be “stuck,” as it backs out of the movie.

When I went to assign the buttons on Final Burn Alpha, it says “Waiting for J-1 Button 3 to be released.”

What is causing this, and is the board no good?

I assume that because it is not completely hooked up to all the buttons and grounded properly that this is what it does???


Hi there,

I’ve been looking into getting cheaper versions of minor arcade parts, the kind of thing that manufacturers sell at a high margin (I believe I have found a button cover solution, and a jlf harness is trivial to construct).

Does anyone who knows their fixtures and fittings know the proper name for a shaft extender?

That is, is there anything in the world of hardware that will serve the same function as a shaft extender, and what is it called?

Also, does a shaft extender fitted to an LS-32 with a flat plate let it be mounted to a jlf-type bracket at the correct height, and does it impair the throw/engage of the stick?

Thanks much.


There is no (not to my knowledge anyways) a off-brand JLF or LS-32 shaft extender.
After Market longer shafts include:
Focus Attack as a extended hollow JLF shaft for $14.95 and
Paradise Arcade Shop has the LONG JLF STAINLESS STEEL HOLLOW JOYSTICK SHAFT (JLF-S9F) for $15.00

It will change the dynamics of the stick by increasing its throw. Longer handle = Longer throw.

double check and make sure nothing is shorting out your O button or K2 button.
All it takes is a single blob of solder or a single strand of wire.

A question really for the UK people.

Where can I get my artwork printed glossy style with the stickyback stuff on it. I think most people on here call it “lamilabel” or something? I’ve googled a few places and one price I’ve found locally is £18 (inc VAT/tax). I just wanted to know if there was some place someone has used regular (online maybe) that is affordable and reliable.

I’m based around the North West/Manchester area if that helps.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance to whoever helps.


Hey everyone,
there’s probably another question similar to this, but I did take the time to search and didn’t find anything.
Okay, so I want a SSF4 TE-S stick (preferably white, but I’d take black) for the Xbox 360. However, I can’t find anywhere online that has it without a ridiculous pricing. If anyone can link me to one, I’d appreciate it. Also, I noticed the SFxT Pro line stick is on sale for 100 dollars, is it the same size as the TS-S?

The SCV TE is like a TE-S and so is the TTT2 TE. The only difference is the layout. The only way to get a TE-S is ebay or TO. SFxT is lighter and much more compact compared the regular TEs.

I already have a SCV TE and I really want another stick. Also, I sorta regret it because I don’t like the Namco layout too much. I’m not really a fan of the standard-sized sticks either and the SSF4 stick is something I think I’d like. I’m open to more suggestions besides that one though as long as it’s about the size of the TE-S and it has a viewlix layout.

I think the only readily available Vewlix layout TE style stick is the MLG one from Madcatz now?

The Madcatz VS stick is a nice size with Vewlix. You could wait for a sale maybe?

Or you could go Hori with say HRAP VA SA Kai maybe? If you want white you could go for the older VX SA. Similar dimensions as a TE but less palm room depending on how you like your stick.

The Qanba Q4RAF is roughly the same dimensions as the TE’s. You can get it in white too.

One last note, there’s a great thread on stick selection here.

I really like the “shrinked” size of sticks like the TE-S (and the SCV stick even though I’m not a fan of the layout), so the regular sized TE’s and the HRAPs are not the kind i’m looking for. If I can just be directed to a place where I can purchase a TE-S at a fair price, that’ll be great.

I said the TO and EBAY. What you can do is order a replacement plexi from ART Tek innovations to get a vewlix layout if needed.

Ah I misunderstood what you meant about not liking the standard size. The PRO is smaller somewhat lighter, that’s probably your cheapest bet then.

Either that or wait for the MLG stick to be in stock again and buy the TE-S replacement panels to replace the sides to make the stick into TE-S size.

And use the stick with just the plexi as the top cover? :o The usual plexi’s aren’t rigid enough to serve as a top panel so he’s still going to need an underplate that uses a vewlix layout that goes under the plexi.


Looking now…

Thanks Darksakul!