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is RJ45 better than the USB or is there any difference at all?

thank you

From an electrical standpoint there no difference.

For Multi system use other than just PS3/PC and Xbox 360 you want a RJ45 connector as it allows up to 8 wire connections, usb only has 4.

Its easier to find in stores a USB cable with 2 USB ends if you ever need replacement, whole system cords with RJ45 ends have to come from stores that specialize in arcade parts like Focus Attack, Aki Shop or Paradise Arcade or you make the RJ45 cables your self.

A USB connector is more rugged than the RJ45 connector unless you get the Neutrik RJ45 Data Connector

so i should pick up a RJ45 cable (or the connector+a normal usb cable?) if I’m going to order one anyway? money isn’t an issue, just want the better one. i don’t think USB cables work for anything outside these 3 though?


RJ45 is better in that it works with a lot more consoles, but worse in that you can’t just go to a store and buy a USB printer cable to replace it if it breaks. Benefits and drawbacks to both. Do you picture yourself playing on Dreamcast/PSX/PS2?

i don’t picture myself playing on anything else than ps3 and pc, but the ps360+ allows me for a real xbox driver that enables me to play games on steam, right?

Can one order replacement miniature switch for Sanwa JLF (MS-0-2P or OMRON D3V-01-3D5-A) on www.digikey.com and/or www.farnel.com? I keep geting switches in search results that are not ment to be soldered on TP-MA.

Quick question. I currently have a Hori v3 Kai for the ps3, and am looking to dual mod it for xb360. I’ve recently come into possession of an old tekken 6 collectors edition xb360 stick. Is there a cheaper option than the ps360+ using the tekken sticks PCB? If so, what is it? Thank you.

If you remove the pcb assembly and use 4 switches instead. Daisy chain the ground and then wire each switch to a direction.

Is it the hrap version or hori wireless? Either way the pcb might not be common ground.

I know I’ve seen this somewhere but I just need to confirm…does the Akishop PS360+ PCB have built in SOCD filtering?

Hi everyone,

So I recently bought a powered HDMI 1x4 splitter for two completely different monitors and felt lag when I connected the 360 as an input to output the two monitors. I tried countless times testing the lag over and over again thinking it could be the HDMI cables being of low quality (which I found out made no difference after further research unfortunately) by directly connecting my Asus VH238 directly to the 360 in comparison to splitting the display with the VIZIO E191VA. Direct felt better than splitting the output. So I decided to do a lag input test and as it turns out the Vizio is 30-70ms late in comparison after taking several shots on them together.

MY QUESTION IS: Can splitting two different HDTVS create problems as far as lag goes? Or is there a way to reduce the lag by getting a TV with as little input lag as the asus despite being different brand?


I have a Mad Catz TE-S with the original black artwork. The laminate in lower right corner has started to peel up, and as far as I know that’s not repairable. You can see what it looks like below.



Having replaced a couple of buttons during the stick’s lifespan, the panel itself also no longer lays flush with the case behind the turbo controls since it’s rather flimsy. Reapplying double-sided tape would fix this, but that seems like it’d defeat the purpose of getting to the insides when I need to.

I’ve done a bit of searching on these forums, but I’m either not hitting the right keyword or what I’m looking for doesn’t exist. I’d really love to replace the original artwork. If it’s not frowned upon for personal use, does a reproduction exist and is there a PSD available? (It’d be cool to have the white artwork too.) I’d like to reapply the artwork the right way with plexi from tek-innovations, making it sturdier than before. With a PSD, I’d also have the option of updating the artwork, adding the Arcade Edition text underneath the original Super Street Fighter IV logo.

I know everyone replaces the artwork with their own, but I have an attachment to the stick as this one is my first and the artwork is the only thing in fair condition. Rest of the box has held up incredibly well. Being able to restore it would be fantastic.

Edited to fix image link.

I’m not really knowledgeable in the lag of specific TVs, but if the Vizio is later than the Asus and the Asus is the same as before then it’s probably the Vizio and not the splitter.

This makes me wonder if my HDMI switch would cause lag, I assume not since it would just be a pass-through. I have to use it because I only have 1 HDMI port on my old rear-projection HDTV (which I also hope doesn’t have much lag).

The Hori V3 Kai is common ground. The V3 is a PS3 stick, so he still need a Xbox 360 compatible PCB anyways, so the PS360+ would fit the bill.


So you want to replace the artwork and the plexy, Art hobbies as the templates for the Mad Catz TE, and you want a Duplicate of the original art?
Try finding a Scanner and scan the original art.

IMO if that’s all you’re going to be using it on then just get a decent USB cable (2.0, A-B).

ok, it’s just that the shipping of the cables will be very expensive, but i guess i can find them in europe somewhere. was considering throwing it into the shipment anyway

Its the HRAP version.

I have an xbox 360 tekken 6 collectors edition stick i can rip the PCB from. Im just wondering the best way to make it all work is, outside a ps360+

You can get USB A-B cables from almost anywhere and they should not cost much at all. Just look for something like a 2m or 3m printer cable depending on your requirements.

yeah, was just thinking about the RJ45-cable. but i’ll just get a USB A-B then, thank you.

e/ my current ps3 stick works on steam for AE etc, but when i want to play stuff like ducktales, it doesn’t. ps360+ will solve this, right? some games have 360 controller compatibility but stick wont work

Ideally yes. I don’t think you can remove the original plexy without damaging the artwork right? …could I even scan through the original plexi? (Would a print shop do this?)