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Hori Tekken 6 =/= Hrap V3.

The Hori Tekken 6 Wireless

Hori Tekken 6 Wired

Hori V3 (Non-pro)

Hori Hrap V3 SA PRO


Hori Hrap V3 SA PRO KAI

Yeah we can easily be talking about 5 different sticks with the statement of Hori Tekken 6 vs Hori V3 sticks.
And no none of those 5 are the same. Well the Hrap V3 SA PRO and Hrap V3 SA PRO KAI are the only one with any similarities.

The PCB in the Hori Tekken sticks are garbage, especially the wireless. The Tekken 6 sticks are meant to be collectors items, so you might get more from selling the Tekken 6 stick.
If you want to know everything about dual modding try the following thread
[Dual Modding 101](Dual modding 101

You can remove the original panel , pop out the buttons and work from there.
As for what print shops do what, it depends on their policies. Some shops have a very strict NO copyrighted art policy, others can careless if the art is for personal use.

Hori’s naming scheme is atrocious.
Hori HRAP3 is way different from Hori V3 which is way different from Hori V3-SA which is way different from Hori VLX.

Sounds good. Thank you for the help and suggestions.

Its why I provided photos

Hrap 3


Hrap 3 SA (Sanwa)

Hrap 3 SE (Seimitsu)


Hrap VLX (Xbox 360 version)

Hrap VLX Diamond (PS3 version)


Does anybody have an exact or approximate color match for Sanwa’s red for artwork? Hex or RGB is fine.

Hey guys, I just recently moved to a new apartment and, because the way the wiring works out, I can only use WiFi to connect to the internet. I am using the default Comcast modem with WiFi, and I’m getting a lot of rolling-shutter like rollbacks and bad ping in Skullgirls. I think it might be the modem, but is there a way to test? I have a laptop that I can hook into the modem with Cat5 so if there’s a point-to-point test that would work. I am getting near the expected results with Speedtest.net, but my problems are intermittent so that may not mean anything.

Does anyone here own a Zippyy short shaft? How does it compare to an LS-32?

Also, has anyone tried one of those odd budget sticks with the black plastic mounting plate and yellow gate from PAS?

I need to stay away from the PAS website, it’s like a damn sweet shop (viz. candy store).

I own a Zippyy short shaft, but I have no frame of reference to the LS-32. It’s a decent stick, with a lot of click. Is there some kind of objective test that I can do to help out?

Thanks for the reply, but since they’re more or less identical in construction I believe any useful info would have to come from a direct comparison. LS-32s are very clicky though.

Actually, does the stick pop up slightly when you press it firmly against the gate?

There was a whole thread on this, but I don’t remember where. The Zippy Shafts are compatible with the LS-32.
Both the SHORT and LONG versions.

Yes, if you actually force the stick all the way you feel a pop. Its literally the stick pivot being pushed out of place. Moving the stick back or allowing it to center puts the pivot back and it does not damage the stick.
This will never happen in actual game play if you don’t ride the gate.

Thanks man, but I was referring to the Zippyy - I was asking if it shared this feature with the LS-32. I love me some LS-32, don’t worry.

Have you guys ever buy used arcade sticks from Amazon Warehousedeals? I remember seeing a SCV TE used In Like New condition for $70, but think I read something about people receiving used arcade sticks with non-working buttons.

You can always fix it. TE’s are the best sticks to learn how to troubleshoot and mod.

Hi all. I want to buy a new fightstick as my Round 1 TE is slowly failing :(. The turbo/guide panel is messing up so I had a look at the GameShark.net store (Madcatz EU Agent) and found the MadCatz Arcade Fightstick PRO. While it’s great, it’s very important for me that I can dual mod this stick. I have a TE Kitty installed in my Round 1 TE so will it work with the Fightstick PRO as well? Thanks.

Hello again, I’ve another question for you.

I recently ordered a stick case from shadaloo.eu. It actually took about two and a half months to arrive (Chris/Jinxx seems like a nice guy, but his service is pretty hit and miss), a process which was arduous and involved a lost package.

Now that it’s here not only am I missing a couple of extras (wooden dustwasher, actuator etc) but the layout is messed up.

I asked for a centred 6 button Sega p2 and I got a uneven hybrid layout in the top-left of the panel. Not only is this crap in and of itself, but it’s also specifically what I wanted to avoid and mentioned several times in my very detailed instructions.

Since I had seen a picture of this before it arrived (he posted it then emailed me the picture, not a good plan), and had pointed out the flaws, Chris had told me he would send me a new panel if I wanted one. However, he has not replied to any of my (increasingly irate) emails in the last two weeks, and I’m not sure what to do.

Any suggestions?

Also, if this is a lost cause, are there any modders in the UK who would be able to supply a suitable mdf panel and top plexi so I’ve not completely thrown my money away?

Yes, but I think you might need the TE-S harness for it to work.

Hey, I’m looking to get a fightstick for PS3 and PC to play SFIV, Injustice, P4A, Skullgirls, not super serious, IE no tournies so I’m looking for a low or midrange fightstick in the pricerange of $30-$80 and I was wondering if you guys have recommendations about stick models, companies etc etc etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Wrong thread. Point this at the [What Stick/Controller should I Buy?](What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting thread.

They’re hit or miss. Generally speaking almost everything they sell is in the condition stated, but I’m not convinced they check everything they sell. I’ve had some sticks arrive dead and others arrive with buttons that didn’t work. Amazon has great customer service though so you can get a discount for any undocumented problem or even a full refund at their expense if the stick doesn’t work. If it’s in “Like New” condition though it should be fine.

I’d shoot for a new/used MadCatz tournament edition stick for that price range. Not too uncommon to find them in that range and they’re great sticks that you don’t need to worry about replacing later like you would with a cheap budget stick. You can also consider the MadCatz Pro Fightsticks which are similar in quality to a TE but with a different body.