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What console version of the pro do you have? If you plan on playing on only PS3 and 360 then if you have the 360 version just use a cerberus by phreakmods. It’s a solderless solution and is pretty much noob proof as it is when doing the basic install.

PS360+ Dual mods are quite simple yet so many people manage to get it wrong on the first try. Will this be your first mod you attempt? I really don’t want to type out a basic install post only to have to consistently follow up what everything is, where everything should go, etc.

Do you understand how to do basic electrical wiring?


The cover for the Back/Start is secured by two screws.
Just use a 3 mm Allen wrench to remove the cover.
You can see in my picture that I removed it.

The cover for main PCB, you do not need.
You can get rid of it.

I am building a custom ps3 only cabinet. I will be building 2 sticks and can not find a diagram on pad hacking a pdp versus for ps3. I keep finding the pics for the xbox only. Any help please.

pdp pads are not common ground.

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Besides doing a non solder pcb is there a common ground pad that I can use?

Mad catz fight/brawl pads are easy to work with, the mad catz 4716 is another good option (harder to work with the triggers on that one, fine if you’re ok with a 6 button layout rather than an 8 ).

I would like to keep it 8 button.

Just look for whichever wired fight/brawl pad you can get the best price on, then.

Hello helpful pals :slight_smile:

I am interested in a soldering setup. After some major issues with Foehammer quality control I’ve decided to go back to my original plan and build my own stick. Especially now that FA has that Crossbone kit which makes adding in XB1 support a lot easier. I’d also like to have a setup that allows me to tinker with a lot more things as well. What I’d like to know is recommendations on specific things I’d need for the crossbone/ps360+ build and then any extra general items that would be useful for future projects.

Recommendations for soldering iron brand, tips needed for it, specific brand/types solder, multimeter model, any clamps/station/other items. Basically, anything you can think of for a fairly comprehensive setup. I’ve Googled some setups and from that I can make some good guesses but I’d like an opinion from the guys who work on this stuff all the time.

Also, any items that could help me practice would also be helpful as well. I’ve soldered before in the past but nothing too terribly hard and I’d rather get pretty good on something that doesn’t matter before I start messing with some small/delicate components. I don’t have much in the way of broken electronics in the house to mess with since I recently moved and got rid of all of it or I’d just use that.

Thank you!

I use a 25 watt Weller soldering iron, and they are really great, but I also know that Hakko soldering stations are excellent if you got the money to spend.
Avoid Radio Shack brand Irons.

i remember the pdp ps3 pad only having about 2 or 3 signal points different from the xbox 360 pdp pad, i think they were the last two face buttons but i don’t have it now to refer to. connect a wire to one of the ground contacts and test the signal points while its plugged into a computer. the pdp pads ARE common ground but use higher voltages for the signals, you won’t be able to piggyback it onto another pcb for a dual-mod

Most of that is right except “use higher voltages for the signals”.

It is not that the board uses higher voltages, it is the board uses LOGIC High. Both PDP and other boards use the exact same voltages.

Traditionally most Common ground PCBs uses Logic Low, when you press a button, you connect the line to ground and the voltage drops.
its that voltage drop the encoder chip is looking for. Voltage goes from 4 volts to near zero on the signal line.
Think of it as the voltage levels works in backwards for the PDP controller.

On the PDP fight pad, you press a button and voltage goes up on the line.

Logic High and Logic low is how the “analog” buttons on the PS2, PS3 and PS4 controllers work.

After completing building my fighting stick, it isn’t working for some reason. The instant the ps360+ is plugged into a computer/console, the D1 and D4 LEDs flash together once and it fails to be recognized. Based on this info, does anyone know what’s wrong? (If more info is needed, just ask)

How do you have the board plugged in?

Also for everyone, next time you do a stick build/ mod. Step One, test the PCB to see if it works.

Well, to my defense, I took it from my other stick (made a new case and all that) - which worked the last time I used it.

Would something like this work?

Did you use a different USB cable?

Also try undoing all that wiring and try the PS360+ PCB.

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Dayum… rock them christmas colors man!

Don’t have another USB, which I’ll have to rectify soon, but I’ll do the other thing. Let you know the results in the morning.