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I just picked up a PDP Injustice stick used as my first stick. The stock restrictor shape is awful and it seems replaceable based on [this thread](Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition Arcade Stick Am I correct to assume I could fit a Sanwa restrictor such as this on it? The push in clips look like they’re in an identical location, just unsure of the dimensional difference.Thanks

The PCB was working. I think it was the fact that I had Sanwa and Semitsu buttons hooked up on the same ground that messed it up? I don’t know, but changing the wires did in fact enable it to work.

Major scrub questions incoming

  1. So one of my screws for my soul cal Madcatz stick fell off somehow, anyone know what type of screw I can buy to put it back in lol

  2. if I move my stick side to side I hear something rattle on the inside, tried looking but see nothing

  3. where can I buy LED lights for buttons/joystick? And how do you put them in the stick?

  4. for Madcatz soul cal stick should I replace the stock buttons and stick and buy some off a place like arcade shock? Or does it not matter?

  5. I’m planning to change the artwork off my stick. Any links to where I can get the art printed for my stick?

  1. I don’t think replacing the stock buttons is necessary. Aren’t they Sanwa 30mm?

  2. Try asking the stick artwork thread - I believe they can more readily answer your question at this time.

So my PS360+ is on the fritz, I think it might be a short in the usb cable. Played some AE yesterday on PC and it was fine. Try to play on consoles and I have control for about 10 seconds before it stops responding. Sometimes the LED stays on, sometimes not, and sometimes it blinks light then dim.

I unfortunately do not have a spare to plug in and see if it’s the problem.

e: No PC connection today either…great more money to spend ;_;

Hello all!
I’m interested in building my own stick, but a bit unsure of a few things:
I’ll be using it on PC for 99% of the time, Xbox360 compatibility would be an added bonus, but not necessary. Which PCB should I be looking at?
Also, could someone recommend a good online store (that ships internationally) for parts? after reading through the forums I’ve decided on Sanwa JFL stick with Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons.
So far I have found a few “kits” on ebay, but unsure if they provide everything I would need, will post some links here and hopefully they aren’t in violation of any forum rules.

First, this is a kit I have found that includes a stick and 8 buttons, if I get this package, would I only be missing a PCB and the wires for the buttons?

Next, I have found a PCB, would this one suit my needs?

TL;DR: Basically, I’m in need of an online store that has everything I would need to build my own fighting stick and ships internationally.
Thank you for your time!

Can a longer cord from the stick to the xbox cause lag? How long should the cord be from stick to console?

Well this is the Noobie questions thread so you’re in the right place.

  1. Which screws are you referring to? Top panel screws? Bottom panel screws?

  2. Could be the gate from the JLF itself. T

  3. You can use 3mm LEDs and drill holes into transluscent buttons, and then use a FGW LED controller from gdlk.co but this setup is not noob recommended unless you can solder.

Alternatively you can go to paradisearcadeshop.com and use a kaimana with Kaimana Js on clear buttons.

  1. If you plan on using LEDs then you have to. I’d recommend clear Seimitsu PS-14-Ks as they are much more durable in respect to the tabs and will not break on you. If you’re not using LEDs then there really is no need to unless you have a broken button, where all you’d need to replace is the switch.

  2. Staples, fedex, kinkos… really it depends on your stick. however keep in mind most sticks will require a plexi overlay if you don’t do a vinyl wrap or lami-label. Go to tek-innovations.com for art printouts and plexi.

Probably is the USB cable. If you’ve been using it for some time then the issue is not in the wiring, and if you haven’t soldered it or have any stray wires (or possibly have it laying on a metal surface) then it can’t be a short either.

Most 360 PCBs work with PC, so if you can find a 360 PCB here on the trading outlet complete with Quick Disconnects and a JLF harness adapter you pretty much have a plug and play solution for PC and 360.

For parts if you plan on playing on 360 you will need 3 more buttons for start, back, and home. If not then it is not entirely necessary to get them. The parts on ebay are fine, sanwa is a good place for beginner sticks. The PCB looks like a ZD Encoder PCB, and will serve you fine for PC, but not 360. Also for a plug and play solution you will need a non-PCB version of any stick to use it with the provided wires. Paradisearcade shop sells cherry modded JLFs at the price of a standard JLF, so you can buy that. If not I’d really recommend a JLW. Again Paradisearcade as well as focus attack have them in stock.

There are a plethora of online stores that ship international, such as paradise arcade, focusattack, and arcadeshock. You can look at their prices and selection to see where you want to buy from.

I believe they all have the required parts you need from PCBs, joysticks, buttons, and wires.

General rule of thumb is to stick under 15ft of wire. Usually the length under that will not influence lag, but longer length causes more resistance which will induce your lag. So yes it will, but you will need some long ass wire.

I just got my PFS in the mail and I’m having trouble getting it to work on my PC. My pc recognizes it as an unknown device but I don’t see it in hardware anywhere or joy.cpl. How do I get this thing to work?

What OS are you using? RJ-45 or USB? Try forcing ps3 mode or, if you have 360 drivers installed, 360 mode.

I’m able to use my TE and TE-S on my PC. Its USB and Win 7. Forcing Ps3 mode is holding medium punch or something right? I’ve been reading the threads that I searched but I tried their solutions to no avail.

EDIT: It installs as an unknown device. When I try to update the drivers on it - it won’t let me see the xbox 360 controller driver like I did with the TE / S

Check the site for the PS360+:

use that for reference, 1P on plug in is forced PS3 Mode

No matter what button combination I hold it still installs as unknown device. I can’t update the drivers with the xbox ones.

This is starting to sound a lot like this thread:

Yea, that’s the exact issue I have.

Guess you can try using a USB hub if you have one. Don’t know how much help that’d be but i guess it’s worth a try.

Are new arcade sticks usually stiff? I have a JLF inside my new PFS, and a JLF inside my TE and TE-S. The PFS JLF feels much stiffer and is harder to hit diagonals with. Does it just need to be worked a bit to loosen up?

This PFS really is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Its so well made.

Yeah it’s soldered to the board and no stray wires. I ordered a new cable from FA. I didn’t even get to enjoy it for a week.

Googled and Madcatz site says 30mm so yeah

And thanks, will do

Hey i was thinking about building a Hitbox. Would it work to take one of those WWE Allstars Stick rewire the control wires (down, up, left, right) to 4 buttons and replace the top part so it fits with a Hitbox layout? I got like no experience in moding sticks at all.