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Hi, I have a WWE Brawl Stick and I wish to change the art on it! I have one big problem with doing this though. I can’t find the art template for the Brawl Stick. I know in the art thread, there are links to templates for the stick, however it says that the official Capcom template’s buttons are a bit inaccurate and the d3v template doesn’t seem to work in photoshop (unexpected end-of-file), so I was wondering if anyone had a link to an accurate template for the WWE Brawl Stick.

you would need an socd cleaner for the directional inputs. B-boy Tekken in the trading outlet may start producing custom panels for the SE

But besides that, everything i described at the top is right? Are there any guides/videos how to wire the directional inputs to buttons? Would like to try out how a hitbox plays before investing alot of money in one.

they wire up the same way kicks and punches do. you can daisy chain the grounds for the directional buttons to the ground on the board. setting up the hitbox panel is the hardest part though. you will either have to order one custom or get a drill and make your own stick. there are plenty of templates around the net

So, my girlfriend and I have been using sticks for like 4 months now. Playing on JLFs, which I mostly like (but have a few small gripes about)… Upon first purchase she decided to go with a Sanwa bat top and I just stuck with the ball; I tried it a little when she first got it and liked the way it felt but decided that it just makes more sense you could be more precise with a ball, so I stuck with a ball. I hadn’t tried it since then until recently – but when I did I felt like I was hitting things with a little less effort AND that I wasn’t being so firm and riding the gate as much.

I can’t quite figure out what it is making that little bit of difference. Maybe it’s just the shape and a grip close to the actual shaft. It feels, to me, like either the throw is shorter or there’s a little less directional resistance…

I was looking to make a few mods to my stick and I’m not sure exactly what to try. I was thinking about maybe getting a Paradise Twist shaft extender kit and/or a .5mm oversize derlin long throw actuator and custom springs… But then again maybe I should just switch to a bat.

What kind of countersink bit will I need to countersink M4 screws into my steel control panel? Google tells me a 90 degree bit but I would like to hear an opinion of someone who has experience doing them. What is the right kind of countersink material for digging through steel? Like carbide or high speed steel. Thanks.

@Mst If you have AE on pc or another fighter try using your keyboard. It’s surprisingly similar to use a,s,d, and space for your movement keys and the number pad for your buttons. If you like it in that configuration I would say go for it. The only real difference, a good one at that, is that there is more space and everything feels more ergonomic. That’s what i did before I decided on getting a HitBox.

Ok 2 questions

  1. Where can I get a Madcatz TE Rd 1 Keystick/Hitbox layout?
  2. If I did convert my TE to a Keystick/Hitbox, will it be possible to go back to stick?

P.S Is there a tut here that shows you how to convert a TE to a Keystick/Hitbox?

What do I need to dual-mod my MK Fightstick Pro (360) to also work with a PS3? If anyone could show me a thread or give me some advice I would be very thankful.


  1. You can get a replacement full panel TE plexi from art at Tek-Innovations. I would email him about the Hitbox layout before ordering. Here
    Also I would get a SOCD cleaner from toodles. (Just going to quote where I saw someone else post it.)
  1. You can convert it back if you don’t like it by putting your old panel back on and replacing your buttons/stick. You can leave the SOCD cleaner if you feel like it it wont make a difference with a stick anyways.

The easiest solution is getting a Cerberus PCB, it’s solder-free and require little to no tools.

http://www.focusattack.com/phreakmods-cerberus-ps3-pc-joystick-pcb/ Here’s where to buy it
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_swBVX2bBtg Here’s a tutorial
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5Q7cx4YQVA Here’s another tutorial with the same model as your stick, but it’s in Spanish.

@FearTheFuhajin‌ Thanks for the links and tutorials. :slight_smile:

Np, always willing to help the community in any way I can.

That particular mod seems to be out of stock. Is there any other website that might sell it?

Hi! I have a dumb question!! I would like to build a two-player fightstick/coffee table, and my dumb question is: do I need two pcb’s or just one pcb? If so, then which one? (I general play on PS3)

you will need two pcbs if you’re playing on the ps3. your easiest and cheapest option would be the zero delay encoder from ebay

Hi everyone, I want to mod my ps3 te with a 360 fightpad and imp v2 for detection since I dont want to install dpdt switch and I have the following questions before I purchase my parts:

  1. I see there are new versions of the sfxt madcatz 360 fight pad which are called Fightpad SD, are those common ground which I can use for this dualmod? Or do I need to use the old version fightpad / brawlpad?

  2. Are there any specifics if I want to retain the start button lock/unlock mechanism?


I tried doing a search of the forums on this matter and couldn’t find much of anything…

Is it possible to remove the turbo panel on a Madcatz TE for Xbox 360? I should say easily possible. It’s my gut feeling that it IS possible but would require putting the Xbox button somewhere else on the stick and I’m probably not looking to do all of that (unless there was a way for me to mount it in the 24mm hole where the select button is). Really the only feature of the TEs that I do not like (and really don’t understand why it’s there).

When shipping joysticks around is there any chance that the lubricant will dry? I saw something about that on the Quanba thread.

Anyone know where I can order an affordable six-button dynamo plexi cb cover? I could have one cut, but all the places around here are charging some pretty heavy prices to do it.