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Anyone know a shop where I can get switches & spring for a Sanwa JLW?

Hey guys, long time no post.

Okay so, a few years ago I saw a beaten up VSHG for sale on a forum I used frequent. In retrospect I paid way too much, but that doesn’t really matter.

When I got it, I stripped off the original CP overlay as it was horribly scratched and damaged. After removing all the residue to applied some 3M carbon fiber wrap and have left it like that ever since. The bottom panel is stained, and also looks as if it slightly rusted. Does anyone have any guides they can link me that would help me with the painting? Otherwise, one option I have considered is getting them professionally powder coated which seems a little extreme but I don’t really ever plan to change to another stick so…

Secondly, this thing has a PS360+ in it. This is a pretty fancy board, surplus to my current application of my stick so I was thinking of reselling it to get something smaller and more basic - possibly “low latency” too. May just grab an MC Cthulhu for that though, tried and tested an all that.


Sand the bottom panel down and paint it with a primer. I would advise leaving the PS360 in, you aren’t poised to gain much more than a hassle by selling it, particularly after shipping.


I’ve tried digging through the various threads/searching and what not, but I’m unable to come to a conclusion. What would I be looking at in terms of getting a Mad Catz TE2 (Xbox One OR the PS4/PS3 version) working with the 360? Or even quad modding? I’m interesting in, at the very least, getting the KI TE2 working with the 360 as well, and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty in modding it. Would appreciate any input on the matter.

If you have the Xbone TE2 get the TE2 Crossbone, a PS360+, and for complete PS4 compatibility (no 8 minute time out or PS3 legacy mode) a Hori FC4, and an Imp board or a DPDT to switch between the FC4 and PS360+

The Xbox One version of the TE2 will need the TE2 Crossbone interface PCB
The PS3/PS4 version of the TE2 will not.

You also need a common ground Xbox 360 PCB.

Dual Modding 101 will pretty much cover Dual Moding in general and cover all the basics you will need to know.

You need to decide if you going for a Dual Mod or a Quad mod, and which version of what ever stick you are starting off with.

Hey has anyone ever tried the 20g zippy switches from Paradise with some Happ/iL buttons? Thinking about gettin some with some iL buttons to mix things up a bit. I’ve heard good things from the 2 or 3 comments talking of them but I wanted more of an opinion if there’s anyone else who’s tried them.

Hi, so i finally got to own my first Madcatz TE 1 Stick PS3 and I intend to swap out the PCB with a SFXT Fighpad PS3 for Windows compatibility. I can safely follow along this guide which is for the swapping in the Paewang? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVA564Dq9ZY (Thanks to Mr Myers)

Hi guys, haven’t posted on SRK in a while due to uni commitments. Glad to be back, though.

On that note, a quick question: I have a USB 3.0 male to 3.0 male cable just lying around, and no use for it.

Could I make a neutrik compatible cable for my stick by just using the 4 standard USB wires inside in the standard RJ45 way?


Is there any way to mod a PS4 pad so that the L1 button preforms the down button on the dpad?
basically i want both buttons to preform the same action L1 will be down and down dpad will also be down.
Could I to rewire my controller?


I want to mod my Ps4 controller so that the L1 button becomes the down dpad button.
basically I want both the buttons to do the same thing-- be the down button
how could i do this? could i rewire the controller?

yes you can follow that guide just so long as you have the proper pinouts for the sfxt pad. it looks like the guy drilled a bigger hole through the cable compartment to avoid having to resolder the usb lines, that seems kind of dumb but whatever.

for the usb 3.0, yes technically that would work but just be advised that new gen consoles have usb 3.0 ports that could cause your stick to malfunction when you connect it. usb 2.0 M-M cables are so cheap that it is probably not worth the hassle.

for the ps4 controller. you could solder a thin wire between the signal on the down button and the signal on the L1 button. i can see this causing alot of messed up inputs though, i’m not sure why you would want to do that.

that sounds good! I’ll have something to do when I get back home tonight =)

Thanks for letting me know about that, I plan on getting a ps4 relatively soon so stuff like that is good to know. I’ll make that cable as a last resort spare.

As per my answer in the other thread this was asked:

[quote=“buyproduct, post:218, topic:173155”]

In the last ps4 update, Sony added a feature in the settings menu that actually allows you to remap your buttons. So you can make L1 be registered as down or whatever button you want. Only thing is I don’t think 2 buttons can be mapped to the same action.


Hi guys, I don´t know if you recall my case so I am going to do a quick recap:
I had 360 MC TE Stick and I wanted to mod it so I could play on my PS3 and PS4 on games who had the lab zero drive.
Through this thread I was recomended the ZD encoder and now that it has arrived and I installed it it works great on my PS3 but on my PS4 when I’m playing Mortal Kombat X the Joystick doesn’t seem to work, the buttons work great some are mixed up but I can fix that later.

The ZD encoder has support for two types of joysticks, the sanwa ones with 5 collective pins and the other one with 4 Indicidual pins one for each direction I think, my TE stick was never moded b4 so the joystick I have is the 5 pins one and i though that might be the problem but I connected one of the face buttons to one of the 4 pins joystick slot and I still got no response when i pressed the button.

Is there anything I can do? Is it possible that it works on the PS4 edition of USF4? (that was the main reason I wanted to mod it anyway)

What are your guys thoughts on running 2 independent PCB’s… I have a PS360+ and an Xbone … trying to avoid lag and also soldering… What do you guys think???

Not sure what you mean. You could use the terminal method and a separate output cable, but you would still need to tap into VCC (power), and this is still a dual mod anyways.

Bad idea. Just buy a Crossbone and use that, same wires as you ps360+ can be hooked up with now, and you’ll just need a ribbon cable to connect the Crossbone to the PS360+ to let you switch off for last gen support.

does anyone have a suggestion?