Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Thanks again for your help. I was able to peel off the gel and ordered a new cable from amazon. I’ll test the new cord when it gets here tomorrow.

On a side note about my hitbox, I’ve always wanted to switch to seimitsu buttons and a new case; I feel like now is a good time. Where is the main place to go to order seimitsu buttons nowadays?

ParadiseArcadeShop and FocusAttack are usually the go-to places for any arcade parts, really. CanadianJoysticks also works, though their stock of products has been kinda down for the past while now. There are various other online stores if you look around. Those were just the first three that came to mind. You could probably even find a store that sells parts locally (for example; A&C Games here in Toronto).

Does Toodles’ AXISdapter do anything more than basically add screw terminals to a DS3 PCB? If so, does that mean soldering my button wires directly to the PCB would also work?

The ps360 does, you can Herbert

What systems are you planning on putting in this? Most people building their own cabinets use MDF.

OK so… my new stick came in the mail. its a Madcatz rivals ps3/ps4 te2. the orange/yellow one, its my first good stick. before this, I had a may flash, then an old sf4 arcade. I bought the stick mainly for PC, which is working fine with no complaints. BUT… sfV isn’t out yet, I don’t own a ps4, just a 360.

(Actual question)
how would I mod a ps3/4 TE2 to work on Xbox360? is there some kind of guide to installing a Ps360+ into one of these? I’ve seen this done the other way around, where people put a ps360+ into an xbox1 te2, but can’t find any information on tossing one in the ps3/4 te2. if not the ps360, what other options do I have? I’m still satisfied with the stick, it looks awesome, and I was aware it most likely wouldn’t work with this shitty may flash adapter. any help would be greatly appreciated. cost is not an issue. thanks guys.

Assuming you want to keep the PS4 compatibility, you could dual mod it with a 360 pcb. Your options are a padhack or a ps360. If you don’t care about the PS4 support, you could connect either without the extra steps dual modding requires, though you would still need to connect to the existing USB cable if you don’t want to drill the case. Given the current demand for ps4 sticks and the limited run of that model, I highly recommend keeping the native support and dual modding it.

I don’t want to harm the case or drill/dremel anything out. I would like to keep the ps4 compatibility. so a ps360+ will in fact do the trick eh? thanks for the quick response. I’ll check out the link asap. is there any other PCB besides the ps360+ that I’ll need to order?

I tried another console and at first it didn’t work, but then I removed all the cables from the PS360 except the USB to console, and voila there was life! Then I reconnected everything, and now it works perfectly. Maybe I had wired it up wrong or something, but who cares now?

I have to ask, tho: Are there any hopes for the PS360+ to get PS4 support without the 8 min timeout? If not, I think I’ll have to buy me a PS4 stick.

You will need either a DPDT switch or an IMP V2 to switch between your boards. Also, I strongly suggest doing your homework on the dual modding process before ordering parts. You will need some soldering skills and equipment.

Ok my last question was a bust.

Here’s my goal: I’m trying to padhack a PS Vita including the analog sticks to help my granddad play it. I’d like some kind of nub or rocking analog stick so he can use the knuckles of his missing pinkies. Anyone know anything for that?

What do you press to soft reset the ps360?

I plan on making it compa tile with ps3 ps4 xbox 360 and xbox one and I read it’s snes comparable as well. This is a console cabinet. It is a little difficult to explain. I will have to put the layout in when I finish drawing it up

I believe your best bet would be a project box setup, it’s what I use in mine. There’s a link in the faq/tutorial thread on how to do this.

Is there anything involved in getting an FC4 to work on PC? I forgot to test the damn thing ahead of time and after wiring it all up for a dual mod, it doesn’t want to be detected by my PC, so now I don’t know if it’s the there’s something I need to do to have it get detected, the PCB is shot, or if I messed up the wiring at all. I’ll post pics when I get home if it’s likely that it’s the latter.

Anyone know if there are Sanwa 30mm pushbuttons that are gold/metallic like these 16mm I found?



The fc4 works fine on my pc, double check your d+/d-, your ground bridge, and your vcc bridge.

Yeah I’m gonna check that all out when I get home. Just in case it’s somehow possibly the home button, do you need to press that to have it get detected by the PC like on the PS4? If that’s the case maybe my home wiring is messed up if none of the USB stuff is bridged.

Ever take apart the Sanwa’s and get some plastic friendly spray paint and recolor a button? Scared it could get too sticky and doesn’t push down smoothly anymore.

I tried something once with my white Sanwas and a black sharpie. It wore down after a few hours and the sanwas weren’t a shiny pure white anymore. It operated fine though; no stick on the press down or return up. Some people suggested to put a clear coat on it to seal the sharpie under, but I never got around to it since I eventually got a new stick.