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I would go with a .032" or .062" 60/40 Rosin Core, any brand will work.

hey i would like to make my own stick and was wondering if all these parts would be ok for it and would make it playable on pc? are any additional parts needed? will all these purchase be enough to receive them and put it together?
http://in2amusements.com.au/buttons/sanwa-obsfs-30-black/grey/ x6

  1. The ps360+ will work on pc.
  2. The JLF you linked does not specify if it comes with a harness (may want to ask the vendor), if not you will need to make/buy one.
  3. Most arcade sticks will have 6 or 8 30mm face buttons and 2 or 3 24mm buttons on the side for Start/Select/Home.
  4. I would recommend looking into a Neutrik pass-through, they make a usb and RJ45 version http://www.amazon.com/Neutrik-NE8FDV-B-etherCON-Connector-Vertical/dp/B00MAU2CI6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1441626638&sr=8-3&keywords=neutrik+rj45
    The neutrik makes it really easy to have a removable cable.

Actually I was going to get dirt cheap Chinese stuff, but it was apparently terrible, so I bought Kester. Thanks though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Tech Talk, quick question: I was recently given a TvC SE Fightstick for Wii & was wondering could i cut off the male Wiimote connector & solder a male GameCube connector on or even better re-solder the whole cable with a GameCube extension cable? I would probably (very rarely) use it on a GC/Wii or Dolphin. Thanx :slight_smile:

Nope, that won’t work. For native gamecube compatibility, I recommend using a MC Cthulhu, which would also be compatible with several other older systems if you do the rj45 setup.

Thanks for the insight but do you mind elaborating a little or pointing me in the right direction. I don’t really know anything about fight sticks.

I am guessing you can’t solder (yet) so here is the tp-ma assembly

Just plug it in like the one you currently have installed. You can YouTube a video on how to change out a jlf, stop at the part where you remove the gate and the switch assembly; you don’t need to unscrew anything as far as the joystick/lever is concerned.

I’m planning on painting the interior of my Hit Box yellow. On the shop it’s stated to be powder-coated black. Am I correct in assuming that because it was powder-coated, I can apply everyday white primer, and then yellow spray paint on top of it, with a clear coat on top of all of that? Or am I going to have to use specialty metal paints.

Just paint the outside yellow. If no one can see the insides don’t bother.

Unless you just want me to get a sneak peek; )


Hi guys/girls , this question is no thread worthy/necro so I will ask here:

I have a Madcatz SCV stick for Xbox 360. Can I “piggyback” a DualShock 1 for double mod? I have (here in my country) no way of getting a Toodles/Chimp/PS360 wathever so I have to do it “thw old way”.

Is this diagram (from an old thread here) ok for the mod? I read somewhere to just daisy chain the cables instead of using a terminal strip.

Explore Gabriel Grieco

Thanks in advance!

Just solder to the PCB, it’s cleaner than doing it that way.

Where do you live?

Thanks! But it would not give me trouble? I mean, remember that the PSX PCB is common ground.


That TE is common ground also, otherwise you couldn’t dual mod regardless

Awesome, Thx for the tips.

So, I’m in the situation now where constructing an arcade cabinet is a realistic project. Does anyone have a list of the best, comprehensive examples of builds with plans that the stellar members around here have thrown together when doing their own? I’ve never done a project like this before, but with a guide to loosely hand-hold then I’d be much more confident. :slight_smile:

As a note, I’ve seen the Viewlix Slim build log around, and Donovan Myers’.

Hello all, just got my VLX Kuro today and decided to throw in my SparkCE optical in. I connected the VCC line straight into the 5v line of the USB cable, really clean. I go to play and its giving me wrong inputs. So I check the inputs in windows controller properties and its like doing double inputs left and right for every direction I input.

I believe @Gummo (maybe others aswell) came across the same problem as hinted here

Any advice on how I can fix this? Thanks

I have a simple question: Does any site sell USB to JST cables? A search on Amazon and Ebay yielded some kind of daisy chained charging cable. The USB cable on my Mayflash V2 just bit the dust. I could splice a USB cable into a JST cable, but I hate having spliced wires and heat shrink inside my gear.

If there aren’t, I may go the route of soldering directly to the PCB. I’m aware of the risk of ripping out the PCB that way, but my current cable ended up breaking before that happened, so I’m not too worried.

Thanks bro, it all makes more sense now.