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I’ve been using a Hitbox controller with a PS360+ PCB for nearly two years now, and just recently I’ve run into some possible issue.

Yesterday, playing some USFIV on PC I had the Hitbox stop responding twice during matches. Simple fix was just to unplug it and plug it back in. At this time, I thought it was just my computer or USB port being wonky.

Today, I had some… weird inputs during a local. A couple of times when I was backdashing out of a Focus Attack my character (Elena) would follow up with a Rhino Horn or Lynx Tail. This has never happened to me before. At the time, I attributed it to me just royally screwing up. I’d assume I was just going nuts on the movement inputs and Negative Edge kicked in and that’s how that happened. Still, never happened before to me, but whatever.

Now, tonight, playing some USFIV on PS4 (using the Lab Zero PS3 driver), I had happen what happened yesterday: controller just stopped responding. Had to quickly unplug and replug it back in to get it working again.

Obviously, this is not ideal, and with the SFV second beta coming up - not to mention a local Major - I need to figure out what’s going on. So… anyone know what’s going on? My guess is the buttons are fine, that it’s something with the PCB; maybe it needs to be replaced. I may work a lot with computer hardware, but I don’t do anything in the way of modding or soldering, so if I can’t fix it by hand, I may need a local modder to take a look at it.

Pretty sure PS360s have screw terminals, making it solderless. Check to make sure all wires are securely and properly inserted and screwed down into each screw terminal. If it does need replacing, you won’t have to do any soldering, unless I’m forgetting something.

How’s your usb cable look on the outside of the box

Sounds like a good idea although a bit pricey seeing that I mainly just need the extra PS2 connection since I already have PC,PS3 and Wii. Cost aside is there a good tutorial on the actual soldering part somewhere ?
I found a lot of various parts on Focus Attack store and I get how the conversion to RJ45 from USB works but then I couldn’t find any RJ45 cables for PS2 for example…

As pristine as can be, from what I can tell.

Looks like you’re right. Tightened the screws, though those only deal with the buttons, and I don’t think would be the cause of the controller dropping connection. Regardless, I’ll be running some tests with it throughout the day.

Here’s some internal pictures:


The cables are here: http://www.focusattack.com/electrical/cabling-cable-connectors/rj-45/
Here’s an excellent guide to the whole process, including making your own system cables: RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

If you want to minimize costs, you could padhack a psx or ps2 (meaning you would sacrifice an old controller to use its pcb) controller, though this is much more soldering intensive, and you really need to know about the controller you’re gutting beforehand. I would normally direct you to slagcoin.com for education on the topic, but it seems to be down now (which would be an absolutely huge loss if it were to stay down). Do you have an old digital only psx controller around, by chance? Those are as easy as pad hacking gets.

Also, you would have to do a dual mod (Dual modding 101) in order to use both pcb’s in the same stick, which is also more advanced. So yeah, if you’re already competent at soldering and are willing to learn and put the effort in, it can be done more cheaply than going with the cthulhu, especially if you had to buy a rj45 crimper to make that gc cable- but it’s going to be way more work.

Another option would be to try posting a wtb in the trading outlet for a pre-soldered mc cthulhu and the needed system cables. This would save you some work, and more importantly it would keep you from having to spend on tools if you don’t already have them. You’re definitely going to want a wire stripper/crimper in any case though.

Tech Talk Moderator Kyle has a backup of slagcoin.
Here it is: srktt.com/slagcoin/index.html

slagcoin looks to be working for me though.
But the backup is great to have.

Hi guys it’s been a while since I posted so I’m a little out of touch with new tech.

I’m trying to get my ps360+ to work on ps4. What are the best ways for this? Due mod? Piggyback? Buy a ps4 stick?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

ps360+ PCB can work on the PS4(with 8 minute timeout) alone, no need to dual mod or anything, just follow the guide to wire it up it’s simple and requires no soldering.

That works and all but a dual mod is better in the log run

Why did they glue the usb cable onto the ps360+?

So it doesn’t fall out
Redundant but still safer

So the disconnects for my Hitbox happened more often today on PC, with a couple times on the PS4. I’m going to guess either cable or PCB. I may not get this resolved before the SFV phase two beta, but I need to get it done before next weekend. Unfortunately, this seems to be the worst time for this to happen, as the PS360+ PCB is out of stock at the supplier.

Anyone know any local shops in Phoenix, Arizona that carry this PCB?

It’s most likely a bad usb cable
$10 through monoprice

Don’t get anything longer than 10 ft

Yeah, but seeing it hotglued to the PCB, not sure I’ll be able to get it off cleanly.

Hot glue comes off easily.

It’s hot glue and its inside a case. It’s not welded.

Shows my experience with such tools. I can build you a PC, but ask me to solder or hot glue something and you’ll get a blank look.

Thanks though, 6ft and 10ft USB A to B cables ordered. Hope they get in before the SFV beta phase 2 begins. Here’s to also hoping it’s just the cable and not the PCB itself.

If the problem persists, try soldering (or having someone else solder) a usb cable directly to the usb out solder holes.