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The PS-15s are fine buttons but the Virtua Stick is perfectly capable of taking standard size 30mm buttons. It’s about the same dimensions as a PS2 HRAP and I genuinely have no clue why they went with PS-15s in the first place.

I have a feeling that Sega worked a deal with Seimitsu as the PS-15’s can be found in a lot of the Sega arcade cabs around the same era. Probably why Sega got loads of LS-56’s as well…

They did, its easier to have a contract and get discounts and bulk rates for part ordering that just to shop for parts.

I modded a few Virtua Stick, the Saturn, Dreamcast and PS1 models are absolutely nothing like a PS2 Hrap. You are thinking the later VSHG and not the earlier HSS-0136 Virtua sticks. The sticks were talking about is on the small side. There is very little below panel clearance in those sticks. Yes you can get regular 30mm buttons to fit, but you have to bend the tabs to make it work.

It’s a PS2 stick. I dunno it seems to have about the same or more space as a VSHG, which I know is not a lot but still.

I owned (and later sold on SRKs trading outlet) the PS2 version of the Virtua Stick (the model I linked to from eBay). I personally swapped out the PS-15s for normal 30mm buttons. It worked fine without having to do anything to the tabs. I didn’t try to swap out the stick because, as you mention, you kind of have to butcher the art to get at the screws.

i just grabbed an OEM X360 PCB which I am trying to padhack and I can’t seem to find the schematic diagram online(Black marks Common)

I would like to ask how to trace the LB/RB and LT/RT using multimeter?

Is it as simple as trying out every point on the PCB/cut along traces or ?

Also I am looking at dual-modding into a PS3 TE (I need 8-buttons for MAME)
Hex Inverter <- this should be the one I am looking for

I know a ZD encoder/fightpad PCB Swap would be faster(have done quite a few) but I would like to try a different method and learn more stuff (hope I am not being too ambitious here)

Been reading it up here how-to-padhack-an-08-09-madcatz-4716-common-ground-xbox-360-pad/p1 yeah great guide, but unfortunately images no longer available

Does anyone know where i can purchase a SOCD cleaner? I’m trying to build a PS4 hitbox but Toodles’ site just says “Out of stock. New version to be announced ASAP.” & i don’t know of anyone else who sells/makes em


I have bunches.


Anyone here have any experience working with dynamo cabinets and know how to tighten the latches that hold in the CP?

Morning all.

Does anyone by chance know a color match for a rustoleum spray paint on a replacement metal panel?

Specifically a te R1 but i think they are the same.

What are you trying to color match the panel to?

Just the original color.
I’m modding a few that have rust all over them and i want to hit it with a protective coat after I get the rust off and buff it all out.

Of the panel it self? Honestly I am not that sure what I would call it as it has a metallic appearance to the finish. The original finish isn’t paint, I can tell by its coating (or lack of it). Maybe its Zinc plated, a very light zinc platting. Its kina a light gun metal grey color, it isn’t just regular grey and it isn’t sliver. You could just buff and polish the whole thing and clear coat it but it will not have the same look.

I assumed it was likely plated with something.
Oh well I think I’ll color test aluminum and see how that looks.

One of them I picked up was so badly dented on the bottom panel it took me an hr with a rubber mallet to get it back to a usable shape.

If it matches closely I’ll post some pictures.

I think Aluminum would be your best bet. I would go back over with a clear coat afterwards.
It not be 100% stock looking but the clear coat with protect against future damages.

Sooo. This may have been covered before but my google-fu has failed to find an answer for this. I have a XB360 Madcatz TE Round 2 (which I believe has the exact same innards as a Round 1) with a new PS360+ in it. I would like to know how to not only get the guide button wired up, but also get it to interact with the PS360+'s LED system so the controller notifications work on both XB360 and PS3. I know it’s possible, just never seen a write up done. Thanks.

Edit: goddammit found it again minutes after posting: Wiring to the TE Turbo Panel with a PS360+

I’m building a custom Hit Box using this PCB and adding an [SOCD cleaner](SOCD Cleaner Kit Now Available but I’m not sure where the VCC point on the cleaner should be connected to on the PCB. I imagine it would be one of the voltage points, but I’m not sure which one I should use.


Use the 3.3v pin.