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I’ve confirmed that the PS2/PS3/PC version of the zero delay encoder works with the PSTV, the PC/PS3 version does not (due to needing a home button to activate the controller).

Hi Everyone
i got TE2 Ki Xone With Crossbone,
first i putting PS360+ to play on my Ps3 / 360 (using Home Buton for Switchin between Xone/PS360+) and
since i got PS4, i took off PS360+ , i putting Hori Fc4 Pcb for playin with my ps4
but now since i putting my Hori Fc4 pcb , i cant play with PS360+ pcb
i want make QuadMod someone can teach me or give me a tutorial to switch?
please thanks again





reconnect your ps360+, get a dpdt switch, put between your fc4 and ps360+ on the SYS2 usb line from your crossbone

thx for answer vicko , do u have tutorial connection for dpdt switch please?
thanks again kinds regards

Well, on your stickied thread, I saw that this is what you said so I got a bit confused since you said the PCB was not common ground. My apologies.

"TE 2 (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3/PS4) Price $200
Mad Catz first entry into the 8th generation of consoles.
Quality: Full Sanwa
Reliability: None to report
Ease of Mods: Difficulty 1 Open Lid makes the stick easy to access, although the PCB is not common ground

That out of date and I wrote that before the PS4 version was out. My Bad. The Xbox One version not common ground.
The PS4 version is.

So is the 360 version

I hope the og post is edited

So the 360 version common ground too?

yes it

…is. :slight_smile:

There’s a joke in the last few posts, like if you get it :wink:

Just run the D+ and D- lines from each PCB to the sides of the switch and then middle poles to the D+ and D- that connects to the Crossbone

This is from a older guides but ti still applies here for Dual modding with a DPDT switch

And a more detailed explanation here

@Vicko That’s what i get for disappearing more than a day and then try to catch up on posts in a hurry, lol.

Thanks for checking! I couldn’t find mine, but it was a PS3/PC version anyway. It’s good to know that it woks, because that at least means that bluetooth isn’t involved at all, and with enough time I should be able to spoof anything that the DS3 sends over USB. I ordered the MayFlash adapter to have something on hand to compare with. Thanks for your help!

So what TVs are people using/recommending? I know there is a thread listing all the HDTVs that have been tested and all but that list is old and several models seem to be from the UK. I’m actually in the US and in the market for a tv that isn’t gonna be different than the evo monitor. Any recommendations?

Displaylag.com has some newer TV’s but obviously they don’t get and test every TV/monitor out there, gotta specify what size you’re actually looking for too, there’s lots of sites out there that review TV’s that do lag tests so you might have to search around.

I’m looking for anything 32" and above and something that’s comparable to the evo monitor. I’ll take a look at the sites you mentioned but I was just hoping some tech talk denizens would share what tvs they use.

Seems a lot of 2015 TV’s are laggy, look for older ones like Sony KDL42W653 15ms lag, Sony KDL42W705B(706B, 700B) 14ms lag and comes in 32", 42" I think larger but unsure of its lag, maybe it’s still 14ms. I own the 32" and it’s pretty good.