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does your turbo panel have vcc gnd

Yes, it does


I just left the house. I’ll get on that later today.

Edit: Client said he didn’t mind not being able to switch, so nevermind :tongue:

I’m going to install my old cthulhu board into my cousin’s ps3 mad catz TE and get rid of the madcatz pcb altoegther so he can at least use it on PC. Where do I solder the usb cable(after cutting them) to on the cthulhu? I don’t want to drill a hole and use a new cable.

Also, on the jlf wire harness, all the wires are black, is there a guide that shows which cable is which direction? Or will I have to trial and error?

Ground (black) = G
D- (white)= D
D+ (green) = E
VCC (red) = V

Edit: these are for the row on the USB jack side

Source: RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

I’ll check, but I haven’t had any issues with my Soul Calibur V stick (basically a MadCatz TE). I’m running it dual modded with a MC Cthulhu and neither it or any other 360 controller I’ve used has had any issues with 8.1. I will also test this on my laptop which is running W10.

360 controllers don’t have any issues on 8.1 or 10 as far as I know. For some reason, though, arcade sticks do (I know that sounds weird, since a 360 stick basically acts like a 360 controller). I’ve seen a few threads on this site and some on the Street Fighter reddit where people described the exact same issue I’ve been having, and they were all on 8.1 or 10.

Are PS4 sticks compatible with PC SFV out of the box? No Joy2Key, XBE, XPadder?

I just modded my 15th anniversary SF stick with a ps3 zero delay pcb from Focus Attack. It works perfect on my raspberry Pi. I tried it last night with the Legacy mode on SFV and the buttons work but the joystick is non responsive. I’m wondering if the arcade stick is showing up as an analog stick and not as the dpad. Anyone else try the Zero Delay board on SFV yet?

Trying to go full Seimitsu with a HRAP 4 Kai. Does anyone have info as to which joystick fits? I know the older HRAPs used to require slight modding to fit them.

I have my stick with a DS4 PCB wired in. Should I be concerned about input drops? I’m not sure if I’m psyching myself out or not when I’m playing SFV and it feels like inputs are being missed.

Stupid question, but what’s the best way to peel the original art off a RAP4? I’m kind of afraid to just like jam a knife in the corner or something but I feel like that’s probably the way to go.

Heat it up with a hair dryer and peel it of.

As long as everything is connected properly, no.

Not until Capcom releases the DInput patch or the stick has an XInput mode.

I haven’t had any issues with any of my sticks. The one I used in 8.1 had an MC Cthulhu. I have another with a 360 controller and a ChImp and from what I recall no issues there either.

I am interested in this as I may buy a ZD Encoder in the near future.

How concerned should I be about the supposed lag issues with the HRAP 4 Kai? Looking as a way to get ahold of something to play this flipping game with.

I wouldn’t worry about it. the people saying they can “feel” the lag are just blowing it out of proportion. if you had them do a blind test they’d fail. unless they’re autistic or something. no offense to anyone autistic.

Honestly I say save your money and skip on the ZD Encoder. The Cheap price and promise of Zero Delay sounds promising but You do get what you pay for.
If you really want a PCB for your stick to play on the PS4 (with any game) your best bet is to get an actual PS4 PCB.
If you are playing on the PC for SFV do your research with Xinput or wait to see if their a patch to fit the issue.

The lag issue is just condensed Poop, take the whole lag thread with a grain of salt.