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Hey !
I have a question about this Dual Modding image:

I have a Battery powered wireless xbox 360 pcb and a USB-cable powered mayflash pcb.
In the image above it shows to solder the 3.3v to the 5v.
Is it really okay to do that without any issues? Or would it get damaged if I have by accident the USB plugged in AND the battery powered pcb on?

Is the pcb from a Mayflash V2 decent? or should i get a new one. Mostly for PC use on xinput.

Yes, it’s fine. I wouldn’t worry about replacing it unless it fails on you, and even then only after some troubleshooting.

Nice, thanks.

Does the Eight Arc Fusion(xb360/ps3) work for street fighter 5 for ps4?

People are reporting mixed results with the Qanba Q4RAF. The Fusion is essentially the same stick.

It could be that Qanba revised the PCB over time. For the unofficial sticks and PCBs whats the best solution for PS3 compatibility is not always the best for PS4 games with Legacy support.
Like for these unofficial boards later on they decide to replicate the actions of a Sony Dual Shock 3, unfortunately the Sony Dual Shock 3 (and Sony Six Axis) isn’t compatible with legacy drivers due to Sony mandate.

I try to use my Madcatz TE2 (PS3/PS4) stick on PC (Windows 10), but it doesn’t work in SFV. Do I need a third party tool or something? Madcatz said it works on PC.

Setup X360CE. Place all of the files here: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\StreetFighterV\Binaries\Win64

There are rumors of Capcom adding DInput support soon.

Which is better for padhack? Hori FC4 or FC for PS4?
if i padhack into a Madcatz TE i will suppose I can use the LS DP RS switch to convert to the PS3/PS4/PC switch?
How should I wire and do i need to cut any traces?

I have an iL eurostick installed in my fight stick right now, but it doesn’t feel like a circle. The down-left position has a little bit of a grind in it, like there’s a lump or something, but the rest feels circular. Is this normal for il Eurosticks? If not, how can I fix it?

Alright it works, thank you very much!

Not sure if this would be the right place to post this.

I’m looking to replace the art/buttons on my HRAP 4 Kai and was wondering if anyone has experience with this?

I’d like to move the start button elsewhere and change to a six button layout. I’m unsure of how I would go about it. (Dust covers and artwork on top of that?)

Should rename this thread “Absolutely ask the same questions 100x”

gosh darn newbies and their gosh darn questions.



Tek-innovations.com sells plexi that you can get artwork and a plexi for in 6 buttons, as for changing the start button to something else like one of the buttons on the right, that will involve soldering I’m sure. Or you can drill a 24mm hole somewhere on the stick and make a new start button, but you’ll have to plug up the current one or email Tek-innovations to possibly not get the plexi you order have a start button hole.

Wasn’t directed at you.

Go to tek-innovations.com for a template.
get the 6 button plexi layout
design art
drill a hole for your start button somewhere else
relocate wires

So a Kaimana Khameleon, Brooks Universal, and LEDs can naturally all play nice with regards to power draw. Would you be able to add an additional PCB in there, or is that going to be too much.