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Visually pretty much ya.

I need some help to understand hori sticks. chronologic. what is the exact name of the last hori is coming out? vlx and not…thx for answer

That depends on your location I suppose.

For Japan it would be the Hori Real Arcade Pro. Premium VLX Hayabusa, Real Arcade Pro. V Hayabusa, and Real Arcade Pro. V Hayabusa Silent.

For the US it is the Hori Real Arcade Pro. 4 Premium VLX and Real Arcade Pro. 4 Kai (This has been updated with the new Hayabusa buttons).

I assume Europe gets the same sticks as the US. The rest are imported through whatever means necessary.

Actually from my understanding Europe often gets short changed by Hori. US gets stuff before Europe.
Hori’s priorities are like this Japan > US > The EU > Rest of Europe > Everyone else

I’m trying to get into building/modding sticks, what are the essential tools I need?
I have a soldering iron and lots of screwdrivers but that’s pretty much it.

Tools Every modder recommends

Multimeter - most important under rated tool ever !!!
screw drivers - both Philips and flat head including jewelry sized screw drivers
Soldering Iron
Soldering iron stand
Wire Cutters
Wire Stripper
Wire Crimper tool
"Helping hands" for soldering
Eye protection (seriously, we got stories to tell you)
Small flash light
Pen (or pencil) and paper (for note taking)
digital camera (your cell phone works too) for documentation/ note taking.

Other things that might come in handy
#3 metric allen key for mad catz stick
#2.5 metric allen key for 3rd party replacement screws on mad catz sticks
heat gun or a lighter for heat shrink tubing
RJ45 crimmper for making System cables with a PS360+ or MC Cthulhu

Make use of the Intro thread

It has a listing with links of guides and FAQs that would help you.

Threads to start with
[THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO PLANNING A MOD LIKE A PRO](The Beginners guide to planning a Mod like a Pro

Also read up on Slagcoin.com is required reading here and it covers all the basics.

It might sound super silly,but it is possible to mod the new hori xinput fighting commander? like changing skin or stuff?

@Darksakul Thank you very much.

You know its a game pad right, not a arcade stick.
You could try to get a vinyl wrap or something of that effect

yeah,guess so. Thanks for replying anyway.

Will my Qanba Q4RAF ever work on PS4 for SFV?

Can’t make it work so far.

Probably not.
There have been mixed reports about its compatibility, but for the most part it doesn’t seem to work.

Ok. Thanks for the answer!

What was the name of the people who made the old school Mvc2 bat arcade sticks back when MvC2 was getting run? I think it turned out the people who made the sticks were old and lived in trailerpark in California. It was fairly bulky and it had laminated plexi glass over the top. The website to buy the stick was fairly ghetto looking I remember lol. Would be really interested in trying to hunt one down for nostalgia purposes.

MAS sticks maybe?

I’m trying to achieve a dualmod like this: http://www.joystickvault.com/data/507/medium/dual_PCB_diagram.JPG
But with a wireless xbox 360 pcb.
The 3.3V pcb would be my wireless x360 pcb, the 5v would be the usb wired mayflash pcb.
I’m just asking if there would be no problem if I (like in the picture) connect 5v to 3.3v

Could probably (possibly?) use vinyl dye to repaint it as well but I’d be real careful about masking where paint does and does not go. I also, where I to try to repaint one of these, wouldn’t fuck with the buttons or d-pad.

Yup that’s it.

It’s been almost a month since my akishop order shipped and I still haven’t received anything. I got the cheapest shipping option (1-3 weeks untracked). What do?