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Don’t worry about it

One last question. What do you guys use to store all your parts? Like dust covers, shaft covers, buttons, the like. Large containers? Bgas?

I’ve been keepin’ all my stuff in simple containers, smaller ones, that stack inside of a large tupperware case. Was curious what some of you use and if you’d recommend anything specifically, since I am looking to upgrade. (pics would be nice)

What ever plastic resealable box you want to use.

Just bought a Seimitsu LS-32 and it came with a Kowal Octo-gate. I can’t remove the original light blue square gate that’s on the stick though. I removed all the screws on it but it just won’t come off. Am I missing something?

ok, i really looked hard before i came here w this question, but i cant find anything on this forum.

i just bought a te-s ps3 stick…how do i get it to work w PC version of sf5?

For now sf5 only supports xinput controllers (x360 and xone) ps3 and most third party PC controlles are dinput to make them work you have to use a special driver that emulates xinput like x360ce here’s the website: http://www.x360ce.com

Any recommendations on a Saturn USB adapter/converter, I travel quite a bit and would love to use a Saturn pad on my laptop. So far the only one I have found is the Mayflash.

this seems to work in theory, the program seems to be detecting and mapping my stick correctly but my stick still isnt working in game

Anyone using the Seimitsu LS-62-01 Joystick? How you like it compare to JLF and Hori Haybusha? What the different and is it easy to install?

I literally just got my ls 62 in today! Unfortunately both my cases are two weeks away from coming in. I want to see what I like better my silent jlf with gt-y octagonal restrictor plate or the ls 62. There’s a big price difference from the two the jlf is 65$ and the ls 62 is only $20. I’m really drawn to the shorter throw and tight deadzones but the jlf has a real tight dead zone and is just so dam silent and smooth feeling. I’ll have to wait till both my builds are done to find out what I like better! Might just throw in a 3 lb spring in my jlf. Id like a little more stiffnes out of the jlf. Curious to open my ls up to see how the spring compares to the jlf stick.

Odd… Hmm well you can always try joy2key here’s the link: http://joytokey.net/en/

finally got x360ce to work…had to look it up on yt and just follow a tut step by step…



These are my padhack photos. i did not charge the pill . Ps4 is not see the stick.I did everything as i read in the forum padhack thread.i padhacked single ds4 pcb . I used 1.2 k resistors for l and r buttons. I did not use invertor and it is ok. All the buttons are working. I measure the voltage and it is 3.6 volt and it is not work. Is there anybody help me about this issue ?

On pifba, how do you save capcom play system configs? I am trying to configure sfII to where it runs in turbo 3 on boot, but it wont save.

With pifba A number of games will not work properly at all. With your particular issue I would hit up a forum dedicated to PIFBA.

Hi, I’ve been using a MadCatz TES+ on my PS4 since SFV launched. Tonight I started using it and everything worked fine except the R1 button. Now it’s having problems recognizing any of the buttons or the stick when I’m in SFV, although the buttons work okay in the PS4 menu. The stick doesn’t seem to be recognized at all in any other game. Is there anything I can do before sending it back?

Hello, I bought this shaft paradisearcadeshop.com/shafts/982-paradise-jlf-twist.html for my sanwa jlf tprg 8ayt silent joystick and was wondering if anyone else has this shaft? Apparently it comes in 3 different variable adjustable sizes from short, normal & long and was curious to how short it can go? I’m hoping it will shorten the shaft. (8mm) like my Seimitsu ls-62 joystick. I’d like to hear if anyone who owns this product knows how much it shortens from the stock shaft or how it compaires in hight against the ls-62 joystick? I’m curious as there’s no specific demisions on the order but regardless as long as it’s shorter than the stock hight I’ll still be happy, that and the 1.0mm oversized actuator I orderd with it!!!

I don’t know the exact dimensions but the Normal is the same as the stock shaft length.

Has anyone used a cornus plus with the brooks ps3/ps4 fightboard? I’m curious if it authenticates the brooks fightboard without having to authenticate the CM with a ps4 controller first? Or if it’s even compatible with the CM plus.

I am trying to charging ds4 pad . I achieved charging battery but after 3 ,5 seconds there is a fault "dualshock connection lost " . Who is help me about this