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Try hitting the B key on your keyboard and see if that works at the menus. On PC, SFV has your kick buttons bound to B N M and the punches are the row above that.

Make sure that your Qanba is in Xbox360 mode and is recognized in the devices & printers panel.

If your keyboard works but the stick doesn’t, check if Windows sees your stick and recognizes all the inputs under the properties menu. If neither works in the game, but both work outside the game, try deleting and reinstalling.

Hey sorry for the random question, but I am coming back to street fighter after 10+ years, and I have a mas stick and was hoping I could just mod it worth a ps4 controller. what are my options here?

If you can pad hack, the Hori fighting commander 4 is the way to go. Otherwise, I’d use a brook ps4 board- though the moving target of firmware updates will always be an issue with the brook stuff.

Thanks Camacho, any how to links you can share?

My sanwa stick came with a 5 pin jst harness, but it isn’t a 5 pin to 5 pin. There is only one 5 pin harness on it. The other side is just wires. I’ve ordered some 5 pin harness pieces. Do I need a special tool to fit the wires into it properly, or do they simply fit right in? Also, is there any place that sells 5 pin to 5 pin wires? I’ve seen them in modding videos, but I can’t seem to find any online.

More detailed guides are out there if you’ve never done a pad hack before.


Or you could splice in, details found here:


I read the details, but I’m still not entirely sure, what is splicing exactly? Is it different from crimping?


Go to home depot, get some of these:

Cut your wires, group all the grounds, twist them onto the black wire. Cut the rest, connect them to the correct color (you can mess up and redo) and voila.
This is a diagram for wiring a Sanwa or Seimitsu Joystick with a pin header.  The diagram takes into account the different color wires for each brand of joysticks. - See this image on Photobucket.

Update on my Hori tri mod. I got everything working with some strange results. PC, everything is fine UNLESS I have something else plugged into the adjacent USB port (in my case, a TE2), in which the device appears in joy.cpl but the properties cannot be checked. PS3 and PS4, no inputs work, even in ChImp mode for PS3

I’d take pictures, but I’m way too embarrassed with my messy wiring, so I drew a basic version in paint.

Hi guys, Can the Brook UFB be used with a raspberry pi?

I know the zero delay can but never seen anyone using Brook UFB arcade stick on a raspberry pi.

Hi all. I have a new question about my dual mod. I’ve soldered up my PDP PS4 pad board, and it’s ready to be wired up to my main board in my x360 HRAP VX-SA Kai. I took a look at the board to get a plan going, and noticed that the buttons have their own ground wires next to the button connector. Does this mean that it’s not common ground? I read that it doesn’t necessarily mean that, but even if it doesn’t mean that, I don’t know how solder my ground wire. Does anyone have any advice?

Every button will have its own grown contacts, as the contacts act like a switch. You always need a supply and a return for your electricity.
Invest in a multimeter and probe the grounds if you are concern. Its how people here figure out of a board is common ground or not.

So I got one of those ZD arcade encoders and I’m trying to get it to work with the Chronus max plus. While it works in partial crossover mode, the Chronus can’t seem to find it when I hook it up in a USB hub for full crossover mode. I know I’m hooking it up right because I can get my PS3 controller to work on the PS4.

I think the ZD encoder is trying to give me an error message because the red light flashes on and off at one second intervals, but I can’t find any manuals that could tell me what such a code could mean.

Any ideas?

has microsoft release new drivers (maybe with the killer instinct release on pc) so we can use xone arcade sticks with street fighter v without using third party software?

This is probably way too specific to ask, but I was wondering if there is some sort of schematic I can look at for an old Hori SCV stick I have? I started converting it to use a Brooks universal board and I wanted to try to hook up the row that has the guide button and others. It doesn’t seem like I can as it looks like a but of a Frankenstein’s monster, as it seems to be soldered to two smaller PCBs before it finally attaches to the main one by two ribbon cables.

Hey guys,

So I’ve been trying to search for details on the TE2 XBOX (normal or Killer instinct one) for the past hour and I can’t seem to find much about it.

All I’ve found is that it’s not a common ground PCB.

I plan on getting a XBOX ONE TE2 since they are much cheaper than the PS3/4 TE2 and TE2+

I plan on stripping the XONE pcb out and install a Brook UFB, I don’t mind not having L3/R3 but are there details on the top panel of the TE2?

Having never closely looked at the TE2 in real life, from the photos I can see, the TE2 XONE has the following buttons a guide button and two addition buttons (notnot really sure the function of those) on the top panel

I’m not sure where the lock switch is (does it have one?) but I’d be great if there’s a way I could use any of these buttons as a touchpad press on the Brook UFB.

I would like the home button obviously to register as the home button. Start and Select is handled by the two buttons at the back.

Does anyone have a picture of the PCB of the daughter board for the TE2 XBONE?

Even better, has anyone completed this mod already?

Someone actually asked that same exact question a few pages back and a picture/diagram was posted. Can’t remember how far back though.

No, and they aren’t going to.

Honestly I stayed away from the ZD Encoders and the Chronus devices. Depending on who you ask they both have terrible reputations.

if you completely strip out the old board, you can wire up your stick just fine for common ground.

Before you continue on your project, what systems you want your arcade stick for?
If its just for the PS4, I would say get the PS4 version of the TE 2 and skip all the mod work.