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It’s the same one Focusattack.com sells as far as I can tell.


Are the PCB covers for the madcatz TE and SE the same size? I mostly only care about the switches for lock and dp/ls thing and am looking to buy one to replace my ruined ones.


Same pcb dimensions but different housings, so you can’t do a straight swap from a TE stick to an SE.

But you can get them to fit by being very careful with a dremel & knife.


hey hey. does anyone here know where i might find information on putting a seimitsu stick in a virtua stick high grade?


I modded a Madcatz alpha stick with a Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu low profile buttons. The buttons work fine, but the stick is constantly reading a down input when in neutral. This happens even when switching between dpad/Left stick, switching back to the stock stick, or even when a stick isn’t connected to the PCB. I assume this means the PCB is the problem? Anyone know of a fix or have suggestions for a replacement?


Pictures would be helpful.


I want to mod a Venom Arcade Stick , i am going to add a Seimitsu joystick and sanwa buttons , if there anything else i will need ? cables for example ?

Im going to order this specicif http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Seimitsu-LS-32-02-joystick-8x-Sanwa-OBSF-30-Push-Buttons-Arcade-Games-/282113456955?tfrom=281970657672&tpos=top&ttype=price&talgo=undefined


Let me know if there is anything specific you want to see.


Did you solder at all? Maybe you made a solder bridge between Down and GND on the board. Also make sure your 5 pin harness is oriented correctly both on the board and the stick


No soldering was done. What makes me think it’s the PCB is that even when the 5pin is disconnected from the stick and the board, the down input still registers…


Was it like that even before you swapped out the stick and buttons?


For a TE2 (PS4/XBOne), I’m looking for a replacement connector cable from the main PCB to the LED board. Where can I find one?


Yeah, I was definitely getting input errors with the stock stick before the swap. I had hoped a new stick would have fixed it…


Your stick is probably defective then. You could return it or whatever or just switch out the PCB


I’d have to replace it since I voided the warranty. Are there any PCBs that will work with the existing parts or do I have to gut another alpha stick?


Any PS3+PS4 board will work but you may need to solder. Depends which PCB you use.


Where can i find the brooks board all soddered up so all i gotta do is screw it into my honey comb panel in my atrox?


Paradise arcade shop. You can choose all headers soldered, however keep in mind that some of the soldered headers will just be pins, and some will be in black connectors that will not be compatible with a JST connector found at the end of some cables, so you would have to crimp the connections yourself. The connectors that are just pins will be able to fit a JST cable with the right size. Example: The USB soldered header on the brook UFB fits the Qanba Q1/Q2/Q4raf USB cable perfectly (the shield ground wire and hole on the Q4 cable will not be connected to anything, though).


Can anyone tell where I can get some new art for my xboxone sick and how to install it . It’s my first time so go slow with me lol


Which Xbox stick?