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Hey guys, I’m getting a stripped TE2+ and I was wondering, is the base PCB great enough to keep/use or should I just install a Brook UFB in it instead?

First, I’d say use it if it works. If it craps out, replace it. Beyond that, what do you intend on using it on? I wouldn’t buy the UFB unless I wanted xbone/360 support, the ps3/ps4 board is cheaper. And if you’re playing on PC/ps3, there are even cheaper options.

Mainly going to be playing on ps3/ps4/pc but there are xbone/360 setups at locals, so I was wondering about the UFB. The ps3/ps4 board does look appealing but I guess I’d just have to use x360ce/joy2key for the pc aspect.

The ps3/ps4 board has a forceable xinput mode on pc, but yeah, if you need 360/xbone then UFB it is.

Question here:

Is it possible to mod an MC Cthulhu with a Brook Fighting Board (The PS3/PS4 board, not the UFB to clarify)? What I mean by this is having them output to a single RJ-45 port as opposed to the brute force method of having an RJ-45 port for retro systems on the mccthulhu and a usb output on the Brook Fighting Board. Would I need an IMP board for this (I imagine some sort of switch at least)? How would I go by doing this?

If both PCBs are common ground, I don’t see why not. Just wire between the MC Cthulhu and the Brook PS4 board and connect them to the buttons and joystick. For the RJ-45 connector, you could use an IMP or a DPDT Switch if you just want one connector. This thread goes over exactly what to do: RJ-45 MC Cthulhu+ IMP+ Xbox 360 Dual Mod Tutorial Diagram

Maybe at least someone know how to contact Toodles?

Hey. I need to buy new buttons for my TE2 https://www.amazon.com/Mad-Catz-Arcade-FightStick-Tournament-PlayStation/dp/B00UHE4DHU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1481156188&sr=8-3&keywords=mad+catz+te2

Can anyone point me in the right direction of which buttons to buy off Focusattack to replace them?

I am typically for Sanwa.

Anyone know how to wire to the turbo button on a XB360 Round 1 Madcatz TE? I need an extra button for touchpad emulation with the brook UFB and Guide/Start/Select are obviously taken. Thanks


Run power and ground to the turbo panel and look for the pin on the top side labeled Turbo. Put a wire from that pin to wherever.

Hey guys, I posted this in the newbie section, but I’m going to post it here too, if thats okay.

Will a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor gate fit on a Mayflash PS3 Fightstick?

I got my first fight stick a year ago, and shelved it for the pad a while ago, but I’m back to using a stick now, and I want to replace my square gate


With a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate (Or any kind of Octagonal gate that’ll fit).

Will this fit in the gate area in the image?

With dremeling maybe… or just throw a better joystick in there.

That’s not going to work. Which mayflash model is this again? If it’s there old one (pre v2), I’d recommend just saving for something that accepts real Japanese parts without heavy modification.

The Easy Way (lazy)

The Super Easy Way (even MORE lazy)

Is there any specific reason you need to run power to the panel for turbo button useage? The guide button doesn’t need it (well, it does if you want the LED action but I don’t).



Nevermind the part about power, my bad. i was half asleep when I wrote that.

If it was the ps3 version then you would have to.

Excellent, that answers my question. Thanks! Can’t believe I missed this post.

Wasn’t sure to post this here or the controller thread…
What are all the control pad options for ps4 right now without modding?
I’ve used:
Dualshock 4
Madcatz Pro Pad V2
Hori Fighting Comander 4

The only other one I know of is the other version of the Fighting Commander, and the Raiju/Revolution that are coming out later. But those are going to be the in $$$ price range it seems.

Hey guys. For those that have an HRAP3 or somthing similar; how do I connect the home button from the board on to a IST Pre-Installed Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board PCB Kit? There doesn’t seem to be any place in the back marked SW2 to solder to. My other option is to drill a hole for 24mm button in the HRAP case which I don’t want to do if I don’t have to.