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You can always try playing CSGO on your integrated graphics to see if it does the same thing.

What do I use to widen the holes on the JLF base like in this image? Is drill press the best way to do this? or can I use hand tools to widen it somehow?

I think I was able to manage something along the lines of what you’re trying with just the drill bit and some pliers. The plastic the JLF uses isn’t that hard.

Drill press is your best bet. @nd choice would be a hand power drill or rotary tool (like a dremle)
You can file it down by hand, but you be at it for a while.

Does anyone know where I can get a PSD template for making sanwa button art?

Also, can anyone recommend a cheap, small PCB I can use for PC and PS3? I don’t care whether it’s something custom made for arcade sticks, or just something I can pull out of a controller.

Tons of templates on the art thread as well as on Tek Innovations website for download


So I just swapped out the old PCB and replaced it with the new one and … same problem - none of my down directions work. So I don’t think it’s a microswitch problem. Is there something else I’m missing, I don’t know what to do at this point.

Flip the joystick harness?

Yeah, try flipping the harness.if the problem persists, you may have a pcb issue. Also possible that the harness is damaged, though less likely. What system is your stick for? Do you have a multimeter?

Thanks, but I can’t seem to find a template for the button art in those, and that pcb doesn’t appear to be in production anymore :frowning:

actually nvm, there seems to be a bunch of them on ebay.

Make sure you get one with .110" connectors and a 5 pin harness if your planning on using Japanese parts. http://m.ebay.com/itm/171490829856?nav=SEARCH

What’s the difference between that one and this one(which is $10 cheaper)? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Zero-Delay-Arcade-USB-Encoder-PC-to-joystick-for-MAME-Fight-Stick-Controls-/171017609206?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27d1719ff6

The $10 one doesn’t have a home button, the one I linked to also works with ps2, and maybe something else I’m missing. I’m not even 100% sure the cheaper one works properly with ps3- maybe someone else can confirm?

I flipped the harness, nothing doing. The console is PS3. I’m starting to wonder if it is the harness, but not sure why it would be damaged. I don’t have a multimeter.

Are you positive that the one you linked supports the PS3 home button functionality? I see that they listed a “menu” function in the details, but the board in the picture doesn’t appear to have that.

Oh apparently that huge plug on the side is the home key.

There’s some bad Engrish in those listings. The mode slot functions as home.

Well, if the pcb is the problem, the encoder I’m discussing with the other guy here is going to be your cheapest and easiest fix. You would need to add a button for home though, as a solder free install would bypass your turbo panel.

Ok, gotcha. I’m still debating whether or not I want to spend the extra $10 on a home button though. I don’t own a PS3 or intend to buy one, this is just something for when I get the itch to play people locally. Odds are I’m gonna scrap this PCB in the future when someone makes one which supports PS4 with no issues.

Thanks for the advice!

It does work with PS3, just no home button that I’ve found. I’ve mostly just used it for the main 8 buttons as a Player 2 stick.

anyone have/use this before?
Dremel Versa Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch
It’s a soldering iron, heat gun, heat cutting, etc tool all in one.

something to handle soldering, cutting tech flex, and heat shrinking all in one.