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Easiest work around is have a RJ45 passthough for the MC Cthulhu and USB for the Brook UFB
If you use the 20 pin header correctly, ground and power will be shared between the two boards making it a proper dual-mod.

USB for the MC Cthulhu would be limited as most of the systems the MC Cthulhu supports will need more than 4 pins.
You would want the 8 pins afforded by the RJ45 as all the older consoles use up to 8 pins. (Some consoles have a 9 pin connector but only 8 pins are ever used).

I know there been Tech Talk regulars that built their own “Imps” from available off the shelf parts.
I just don’t have the semantic.


Thank you.

The alternative would be an Imp v2. It should switch to the UFB (for Xbox360) automatically if it’s connected to a MC Cthulhu right?

I could then connect it to a single rj45 jack.

I have an old Imp v1 lying around, but AFAIK it only works with USB connections.

I need some directions for the MC Cthulhu and Imp boards. I know I can hold a combination of buttons to force it to switch into certain modes/switch inputs etc.

You can use your IMP v1 with an rj45 cable. This is the classic 360 pad/MC/Imp mod from years back. Just substitute the Brook UFB for the 360 pad and it should work.

For switching between the boards you would hold SELECT.

The instructions for doing this mod should be written on the Cthulhu PDF from Toodles if I recall correctly.

Can anyone enlighten me on what this is exactly? I pulled it out of a used madcatz TE2 I recently bought and although it says Xbox one it was being used for a PS4 Madcatz TE2. I couldn’t seem to get any information to show up and I know zero on LED boards. http://imgur.com/vmzbZZF


It’s the LED board for the original TE2 (the KI Xbone version). It only has on/off/haptic settings but haptic only works with the xbone te2


I was mistaken the MC Cthulhu PDF doesn’t say how to do the rj45 to IMP v1 mod. It was outlined in this tutorial.


Thankee Kindly!

As soon as the EZ MC Cthulhu comes out it’s on.

I hope Toodles starts selling the Imp again…or switching is incorporated into the EZ MC Cthulhu.

Edit: not sure why I didn’t consider using a coupler instead of a Neutrik rj45 jack.

I can hide it inside the cord bay.

Is there a source for the plexi screws used in ps3/360 madcatz TE sticks?


Just note that the screws offered here are of the 2.5mm hex head variety, NOT the 3mm that came originally installed on the TE.

True, but you aren’t going to find 3mm hex head screws that fit anywhere.
I know I checked.

Another advantage to using either the te2+ ezmod or my ezpz is that it let’s you keep the features of the home panel. Some features like the lock switch would be impossible to wire up to the ufb on its own.

I have a few of my gimp boards left. They are like the imp v1 but can switch between 4 different pcbs instead of just two.

Question regarding connecting a sanwa jlf joystick, I bought this kit and it comes with a 5pin to 5pin cable, now for the joystick to be wired correctly it needs to be facing downwards right? so I won’t have to mess with the wiring at least, is it possible to take off the mounting plate and rotate it?
I would need to mount it like this : https://puu.sh/tvygW/41bf7fb636.png
and the 5pin connector is on the right side of the joystick

Yeah, I know–and I’m happy about that. 3mm hex head drivers are less common than 2.5mm (at least in the US). It would suck for him to buy these screws and not have the right driver.

You don’t have take off the mounting plate to rotate the pcb, just the gate, It’s super easy, will make sense when you get it. If you put the harness upside down, only one direction will work.

Can anyone comment on the differences/quality of the kuro buttons vs the sanwa silent ones? Are the kuro buttons actually available anywhere?

Hori moved away from the kuros in favour of the hayabusa buttons so your best bet is looking for an older version of the ps4 hrap sticks or a fighting edge. Im not sure if arcadeshock or focusattack have any left in stock

Kuro buttons are not silent.
As for buying them try the trading outpost, I think they are no longer available for retail

Hey, everyone. I recently got these 30mm led buttons courtesy of a Brook Gaming holiday contest, and I’m trying to figure out a good PCB that will work with them? Any ideas? https://postimg.org/image/618j22pbr/

Does anyone have an opinion of the best out of box pad for ps4 in terms of dpad? Amazon reviews are all over the place and can’t find out much about them elsewhere