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Thanks, I appreciate the help.

And I hate to ask, but how would I go about figuring out what type of diode to buy to replace it? I can’t really contact Madcatz since they’re defunct, and I’m not sure that they release electrical schematics of their boards, so I don’t really know how to figure this out.
Do I take a multimeter to another one of the diodes in that row to measure the voltage drop?

Hey, whats a good option to add PS4 support to sticks? I’ve been out of the game a bit and debating to oget Injustice 2, but I’m thinking PS4 vs Xb1 since I dont like my xb1 much.
Problem is I have a Mad Catz TE1 w/ 360 pcb, a modded dreamcast agetec w/ an xb1 mini usb and a 360 Vewlix, I think I put xb1 mini, but might still be 360 since I was using on PC mostly.
I don’t want to drop $100+ for an allin1, or have they gone down since last year?

A Brook ps4 board or a Hori FC4 padhack. Or you could use a Brook UFB by itself and have ps4/ps3/360/xbone in a single board, though it’s significantly more expensive than the first two options.

Are those USB converters any good? i remember original ones adding some latency but not sure if they’ve improved.
And refresh my memory, if going for dual pcbs, I can just connect the buttons to the inputs on both pcbs, put a dpdt from USB connect to both pads but it only toggles the data lines, leave power and ground to both?

If you were going to be using that stick long term and not replacing it eventually then going to a universal board is probably the best investment. If it’s only a stop gap thing you could also consider one of the adapters Brook make which seem fairly popular: https://www.focusattack.com/brook-super-converter-xbox360-to-playstation-4-usb-adapter/ or https://www.focusattack.com/brook-super-converter-xbox360-xbox-one-to-playstation-4-usb-adapter/

They’re convenient. I think they may still be a bit on the laggy side, but at most you’re talking 1 frame. As for dual modding, here’s the guide: Dual modding 101

What size drill bit do i need for the mounting screws on the Neutrik usb and rj45 models? Lost all my small bits and will need to buy this size.

They are #4. If you look at the Datasheet, you will find the specs of the holes and cutouts.

I have one of Art’s soft plexi covers from Tek-Innovations on my HRAP V, but I’ve got this issue where the plexi lifts up (for lack of better words). It sort of curves inwards and creates a bump just to the left of where the joystick is. I imagine the plexi might be getting pulled to the right during gameplay? To fix it I have to unscrew it, hold it down flat and then re-screw the plexi back down. Anyone else had experience with a similar issue?

I think the fact that the buttons are also holding down the plexi may not be helping the case. Would swapping to screw-in buttons help alleviate the case? And while on that note, I believe screw buttons have removable nuts and just slide in, and then are held in place by putting the nut on the other side - is my understanding correct? Is there a minimum panel thickness you need for them to work? Also will the nuts fit in my case? My HRAP V is from Japan which has the standard viewlix layout and I believe the only difference between this and others is the spacing between the lever and buttons, so the button layout should be the same, but just asking to make sure.

And as an aside, how are Seimitsu buttons compared to Sanwas? They look pretty cool but I’ve never felt them.

Just remove it. You don’t need to replace it.

Are these quick disconnects functionally the same as the ones with the full sheathing?


So I got a UFB with the screw in terminals to install in my HRAP 4Kai and I was wondering where the best place to put this thing is, I’d like to avoid dremeling if at all possible.
Also, can the LS DP RS switch on the Panel hook up to the UFB? Any help would be appreciated.

Yup. They’ll do the job without the need for an open barrel crimp tool. All you need is a wire strip tool with crimp nubs on the top. One of my friends used pliers on those, LOL.

That’s what I was hoping, didn’t want to drop more money on another crimp tool when I already splurged on some other tools for this project. Now to find the cheapest box of .110 connectors I can find and a source of low cost 22 awg wire.

Hello! Need some help here. Building a SOCD cleaner.
Using GUIDE: Preventing SOCD on any common-ground PCB by using 7400 chips thread, i went to a local Frys and purchased 74HCT132 nand gate IC. On the aforementioned thread they used 74hc00n. Could i use the 74hct132 without needing resistors? It would be used on a common ground Hori Mini 4 PCB
Original thread link:

I buy a new stick Seimitsu LS-56-01 with octogonal gate, But i need a video to know how to use get the stick i don´t know how to get well the stick.


The problem that i am playing always with gamepad and i don´t know how play with arcade stick

Christ, you don’t need a video for that. Just go into practice mode and play.

Im planning to build a fight stick using a wireless Ps3 sixaxis controller pcb linked to a toodles axisadapter and Id like to connect the axis adapter to an IMP and then connect that to a toodles MC Cthulhu. I just dont know if that can be done. Please let me know.