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e: nevermind, question was answered in prior post on second look, and through a bit of research on my own part. Thank you so much for your help @Amerika!


hello guys,
i consider to build myself a hitbox in the near future and i have a qestion about buttons.

right now i think about the sanwa obsfs (wrong size in the link)

since they are not as loud as the usuall ones but i read somewhere…probably here, that there are some kind of
microswitch buttons which durability should be much better but i havent seen them so far.

which buttons would you recommend for a hitbox?
for the case that there is a option without soldering i would prefer them as long as they are good.


I myself prefer the Seimitsu 24 mm buttons for the hitbox - PS14-DNK

Example: http://www.focusattack.com/seimitsu-ps14-d-n-k-24mm-screw-button-purple/

More because they have those locking screws than anything else. Options for not-soldering the buttons…? I’m assuming you want to wire the buttons to the PCB without using solder - I prefer using quick disconnects.

Example: http://www.focusattack.com/philmore-187-non-insulated-quick-disconnect-terminal/


Ok, picked up a USB A to B cable plugged it directly into a Cthulhu and plugged into both my PC and Ps3, and there’s no response. I don’t even get an unrecognized USB message when I plug it into the PC through the A to B cable (Whereas I did get one when I plugged it in through the RJ45 which defaults to the 360 controller), though it’s still receiving power.

I guess this means it’s the Cthulhu which is dead.


I would guess that’s the case without being able to poke around in there myself. You could disconnect the cthulhu altogether as one last test (should have worked with the test you did), but that would require de-soldering, which I’m guessing is beyond your scope based on the information you’ve given so far. The easiest solution at this point would be to use a zero delay ps2/ps3/pc encoder (get the .110" connector version), which will run you $20. It’s plug and play with the exception of possibly having to re-arrange the 5 pin (which won’t take soldering either).


Also worth adding that you could sell the hacked 360 pad with that imp board and recoup some of your losses.

Here’s the encoder I mentioned: http://www.ebay.com/itm/100-ZD-USB-Encoder-PC-PS2-PS3-to-Joystick-for-MAME-Arcade-Fight-Stick-Control-/171182655665?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27db4808b1

The downside of that option would be that you wouldn’t be able to use your pass through without doing some modification to the cable or adding a cable- nothing tough, but it might be intimidating to someone unfamiliar with stick mods and wiring. If you wanted to keep the RJ45 pass through, you could solder a 1’ cat5 cable to the USB pins (following the correct cat5 configuration for ground, voltage, data+, and data-, of course) and leave the included cable out altogether (which will likely be way too long to fit in the case, unless you’ve got plenty of vertical clearance). If you can make the included cable fit inside, you would need to swap the pass through for a USB jack.

All this said, replacing the Cthulhu is obviously also an option. You could do a “fresh install” and keep it solderless (would also require a USB pass through). Personally, I would use the ZD in this case, as it’s cheaper and comes with all the wiring (not to mention as easy as it gets to install for someone new).


Any chance you guys know what kind of screw goes on the metal plate of the jotstick on the etokki omni rev3? Just received this etokki omni case and the screws from an older TE do no properly secret the joystick in it or what size is the screw


Have there been any fightsticks that work by being pressure sensitive rather than position sensitive? That is to say, fightsticks where the stick moves very little in response to pressure.


An easy way to address issues like this is to take the stick or a sample screw to a hardware store. Threaded screwholes in that stick are likely to be metric.


you mean like analog joysticks? they’re working with one in the smash controller thread Project: Dedicated Smash Bros Arcade Stick - Update - Seimitsu LS-64 in action!. there are some arcade games that use analog joysticks also but just about every fighting game i know is designed for digital joystick inputs.


Most arcade games that use analog are later model Flight Sims or Driving titles.
There no actual fighting game that uses Analog. And I disagree with the whole Smash bros Argument and Analog.


Since the Madcatz SF x T fightpad for xbox 360 seem scarce, what is another pad that is good to use for dualmodding my Round 1 PS3 TE stick? Sorry if this has been answered multiple times/wrong thread.


Mad catz brawlpad. If you can’t get a mad catz fight/brawl pad, get a mad catz 4716 controller (getting the triggers to work properly will require hex inverters, though you could keep it easy and go 6 button). Rock candy pads seem popular here as of late (cheap and common ground), but I can’t personally attest to using one.


The 360 Rock Candy controllers are $20 each at Toys R Us, are common ground, and easy to padhack. No trigger inversion needed. Price match if needed, as it’s $25 everywhere else.

CLICK HERE for full size


Sweet, didn’t know you could skip the inverters on those.

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You may be able to revive it by buying a replacement IC from toodles. I’ve had to replace the IC once or twice due to some issues I’ve encountered and that cleared them up. they’re listed as the “MC Cthulhu Upgrade Kit” You’ll only need the IC.


Awesome, what pcb is that on the right?


The pcb are in this order
xbox 360, v 2 imp and a cthlhu


What’s a fairly inexpensive soldering iron? I had a weller 25w and it just died on me in the middle of a project. I’m also looking for something with a smaller tip as well.


I was going to recommend the soldering iron you had died