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If i want to put Il magnetic is it necesary an arcade stick of wood?

I was replacing the spring in my Hayabusa stick and the entire shaft fell out, along with a bunch of little pieces. I’m unsure how they all go back in. This is in a HRAP 4. Is there any video I could watch, or maybe some pictures of all the internals for the joystick so I can get it all back in? I can provide pictures if necessary.

EDIT: Figured it out.

hey guys, so I have an ls 40 and I wanted to change the spring to something on par to the 2lb jlf spring but since there is no such thing can I at least use the stiffer springs from other seimitsu sticks and put it in the ls 40? thanks in advance

Anyway to view photobucket pics now that they have turned off third party hosting? Pretty much all our modding tutorials on this site are dead since we all used photobucket.

Is this true, i just looked back at posts that i used my photobucket for and they are still active

All of mine are gone and so are the pics in most of our tutorials.

Here are a couple tutorials I have bookmarked and all the pics are gone and replaced with the 3rd party usage banner.

BTW photobucket wants $399 a year so you can embed pics. :o

That photo ain’t workin’ @EJM
Fuck Photobucket. Imgur is your friend (until they get sto0pid greedy too)

I know the photo isn’t working, that was the point. :wink:

Thought so. I was wondering why you’d post all that to then try and post a pic at the end. :smile:

I’m considering making a new joystick for use mainly with PS4. I used to have three “function” buttons for Select, Start and PS. IS the Touchpad button needed in any fighting game or can I skip that?

Touchpad is used to reset the training mode in SFV

You might not need the whole touch pad per say, but plenty of people have a touch key button, that pretty much mimic clicking down on the touch pad.

Ok, so one more button it is. Thanks for the info @jopamo and @Darksakul

I bought this fight stick today:

It doesn’t work on my PS3 or PS4.

Does anyone know a converter to play this on the PS3 Mainly?

If you can find an appropriate converter on THIS page then you’re golden.

Else, it’s easier to return that bay boy and get the black version that’s PS3 & PS4 compatible

What’s the best way to mod a stock Madcatz SE PS3 stick to be compatible for PC/PS4?

Easiest: Brook PS3 to PS4 converter

Next easiest: Brook ps3/ps4/pc board, either the original one in a pre installed kit or new new one with ps4 audio and screw terminals.

Old school update proof method: pad hack a hori FC4 controller

I just remembered back in the day I lost my Eurostick spacer piece and did a dirty trick to fix it. If someone happens to have one at hand and can make a quick measurement of the part I will really appreciate it.

Take care in this forum a lot of people hate IL parts i don`t know why

With EVO just ending, I’m hoping to try and get in on a “sale/special” before they go.

Any suggestions for a fightstick that will play well with PC and PS4? Willing to spend up to $200.