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Not cool, editing out your question and also not leaving your solution.


Seimitsu and sanwa buttons.
Differences in them?. I already tried sanwa buttons, they’re sensitive asf and respond pretty good even when resting your fingers in them.
Though I want to try seimitsu, but, how sensitive are they? Do I need to push really hard so the input comes out? It responds the same way as the sanwa right? And also how much does it travels before reading the input?.

Im aware this isn’t the place to ask this, but I cannot seem to find an answer so, is it possible to buy an xbox 360 account with games here in the trading outlet? Or is it just not allowed?


What’s up with you? Seriously are you still upset cause I shitted on your favorite game Nier?

If I left the original question there, you could complain that it was a stupid question.

I had problems figuring out putting some some pieces back together with a hori real arcade pro 4. You have a problem with me having a problem that you don’t know what the problem is but you feel entitled to the solution?. Get off my dick you dumb millennial.


Seimitsu is less sensitive than Sanwas. I tested this out long ago by stacking US nickles on top till the weight causes the plunger to go down.
Not the best scientific test, but the weight of a nickle is a known value and its results that can me reproduced.

  1. I never talked to you about Nier. And I don’t care if you liked Nier or not.

  2. This is the Question and Answer thread, the only stupid questions is the ones you don’t ask.
    I do have a problem with people who ask a question, then edit their comment to erase that question and never give a solution.
    As you rob anyone who have that same question a solution. This is a community were we help people, and not be selfish in their own actions.
    If you can’t participate in the community and be civil you can leave. Also good job, you just burned one bridge. Try not to burn any others.


I agree with this.

  1. Yes you did talk to me about Nier. You must be salty from the Zelda thread for me sharing my opinions.

  2. And what if the deletion was because I posted something in error or that was off topic or unrelated? My post did no harm to anyone and I left, it’s you who felt the need for some reason to bring it up…and you have no idea what the original post or deletion was about. I am going to assume you’re trying to troll me at this point. I’ve been on this forum twice as long as you, you don’t need to tell me the rules.


Good God.
I hate when GD bleeds its way into TT…


No one cares, thanks.


Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out. I bought a used Mad Catz TE2 for PS4 and I can’t get it to fuunction on menu or in game. All the lights are lit up such as the toggle switch for directional use and the unlock button. Not sure if the small squares near the PS Home button are you supposed it light up.

I installed the required drivers on PC just to try and see if it works, and it does. I’m not sure what would cause it not to work on PS4, so I’m at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



What does it register as when you plug it into your PC?


When I set the stick to XInput on my PC, it’s registered as a Xbox 360 controller. For HID it’s registered as a Mad Catz Fightstick.



@Darksakul thanks man

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deleted comment.


Bought a Dragon; does it have the same actual metal balltop as the Obsidian? Otherwise, I’ll just steal the one off my Obsidian and replace that one with a chrome top. I need that metal feel for the Dragon.


Has anyone run into an issue dual modding a ufb, where the ufb won’t recognize on ps3 or ps4 when ground and/or power is shared between both pcbs?

I have used both 20 pin headers and terminal posts, and swapped ground on other headers including touchpad and usb, and home button doesn’t activate.

It seems to recognize fine on the PC (except seperate issue where K3 is registering as z axis), since I dont need home on controller settings.

I will also be running an imp switch inbetween. Would it be possible to source power and ground for the second pcb from the switch rather than from the ufb?



How bout you tell us when your Dragon comes in.

Got photos of your wiring?


That’s odd and might suggest an issue more complicated than just a wire or two being lose (or disconnected). That said, it wouldn’t hurt to post a picture of the internals so that someone with an eye for such issues can take a look.


Hey guys, have a little problem with my hayabusa, thought i might ask here;

I recently opened up my hayabusa cus one of the switches was not registering well anymore.
(I was playing with kowal oversized and old Kowal octagonal restrictor plate and plasticdust was everywhere, cleaned it all up and stick/switch is working again, now with default actuator/gate)
After putting it back together and testing with a friends hayabusa aswell, there seems to be more resistance on the lever then normal, can clearly notice it next to my friends hayabusa.
So I read this might be due to overtightening the restirctor plate, took that all off and still the same feeling, took it apart again, re assembled, lubed with white silicone grease (generic), still the resistance remains.
Does anyone have any ideas? As far as I can see the thing only goes together one way so I’ve no idea whats wrong really.
thanks for any help!


Kowal actuators and octagonal or round gates will do that.

You might need a spring swap or you got plastic dust in your switches.


Guys, what current pcb can I buy to play on these systems with only one stick (if possible):

OG Xbox
Xbox 360/PC

Thanks in advance!