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@jopamo Allfightstick right? Love their cases. I might just have to live with how it is and not let it bother me.


We didn’t lol, don’t worry, I just asked for pics, he never sent them. So I just want to know if it’s reckless to send him a message asking if he is still interested in selling the stick lol.
I’d create a thread here on srk but that would be my last choice, since I don’t want to get through costumes, and international shipping and stuff like that.


@ShiroZX I’m perplexed at why you need external validation for something so trivial and obvious. It’s really kind of scary.

@ylnahn here are my allfightstick cases with the gaps:

Yes, it looks kind of crappy at first…but like I said…you get used to it.


Sorry, im insecure asf.


People who are legit and want to sell their stuff will properly comply with requests. If they don’t, you don’t want their shit. Headaches hurt. Avoid them


Nice sticks :slight_smile: @jomapo


Will a Seimitsu LS-56-01 Joystick with MS Plate install into a TE2+ without modification?


Yes it install fine, but I recommend a S-plate instead as you get the full height of the joystick.


Fightstick maintenance:
How and what do you use to clean your fightstick and keep it clean/safe?. I’ve seen ppl saying “smoke free” or stuff like that. What does that means? That includes interior and exterior, dust, scratches, buttons, joystick, etc, any other dirt that the stick can pick up, and if a very dirty and dusty stick can stop working??.
Specially those that don’t have a plexi.
Same goes for the box.


Anybody know of any diagrams for making a PS360+ to NES cable? Preferably RJ45 to NES, but USB to NES will do if that’s all there is.




Question for the font gurus or anyone. What is the font for the S in the Madcatz TES logo? Or where can I find the logo?


Sometimes in training mode I press my silent hayabusa buttons and no input registers, are the silent Sanwa buttons more responsive? Does a mechanical levers switches help push the lever back into neutral?


Sanwa buttons are very sensitive. Don’t buy silent Sanwa buttons. Get regular Sanwa buttons and a set of Little Kahuna Pads from Paradise Arcade Shop. The combination works better to isolate noise while not affecting stock button feel. The shaft spring does the work to return a stick to center. The actuation force of a mechanical switch just makes it a bit harder to push the shaft out from center.


will a Seimitsu ls-32 fit into the Qanba Crystal? i’m not interested in the LED working for it, just wondering if it’s possible to mount a seimitsu instead of the stock or the sanwa mod.


First post in years (had to create a new account). Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this. I recently bought a Hori Fighting Edge joystick for my PS4. I’ve been getting back into fighters via SFV:AE and DBZF. More recently my wife began fostering a puppy. Upon his initial entry to my living room the first thing this puppy did was destroy the cord for my stick (I was using it at the time to play DBZF and had just gotten up to help my wife bring up puppy stuff from the car. I turned my back for no more than a minute I swear!

Long story short, how feasible is it for me to replace this cord? I’d rather not have to drop $200 for a new one. Can the cord be replaced? Where would I get a new one? And how hard is it to swap out? I’m comfortable poking around inside sticks to change joysticks and buttons, and I could probably pull off a bit of light soldering if needed.

Thanks in advance!


Hey there, has anyone had any luck fitting a Seimitsu LS-40-01(or LS-3201) into the Qanba Obsidian? The SS mounting plate will not line up with the current mount holes.

Is my only option to drill my own?


As an update I opened up the stick and was able to unplug the chewed up power cable from a board inside the stick. I need a part # or descriptor for this cable. little white plug on one end w 5 wires, and a USB to plug into the PS4 on the other end.


Can’t you just do something like this? I’m no expert, but it looks like it should work. Also I found this replacement cable, but its for a Qanba so I’m not sure if it has the same end as the Hori Edge or if it’ll work.


Yea should be 15minute fix for first time arouns.

Yea it should be 15minute fix for first time arouns. If there’s enough of the original cord you can strip it to the red white blk green & ground.
You’ll need another USB-A cord as a donor and you can crimp them, wire tie them & electrical tape, solder and shrink wrap them back together. You can jerry rig for quick fix or make it look bettee then OEM with braided USB cable eight after the white JST harness you unplugged. Both take about same amount of time.

Youtube how to repair USB-A cable.