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My TE “S” fightstick stopped working!
When i hook it up to the xbox 360 the light on the stick on the home button lights up and then dies.
Can any one offer any tips of suggestion on what i can do to get it working again!?

How busted up does your USB cord looks?
That would be the first thing I would check.

Usb cord looks fine. I switched the end of it from another stick.

Let me guess you swap just the tail end.


I don’t mean the tail end, I mean the rest of the cord.

Do you have a multi meter or know what one is?

srry, i dont know what that is but i will google it. SO youre basically saying i should get a new usb cord? so i need a soldering thingy? where can i buy a cord for replacement? as you can tell am profoundly lost. :frowning:

Do you know anyone where you are at that is capable?
That might be your best option.

Other than that, there people here that could fix your stick for a fee.
Try here Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Where to buy a USB cord? Anywhere that sells actual USB cords, you would cut off the end you don’t need and splice inside the stick case.

Soldering thingy, you mean a soldering Iron?

Here is a solder free solution

I’m considering a HRAP 4 Kai, but my laptop (Alienware 13) doesn’t pick up my PS3 TE1 nor ZD Rematch sticks.

What are the chances of the HRAP 4 working, and/or can I test with a different controller first (e.g. Dualshock 4)?

A Hrap V4 works with my Win 7 AMD CPU Desktop

The chances are pretty high. I had a PS3 TE1 back in the day and because of the stupidness in the stick, it only worked on computers with intel chipsets or whatever. I couldn’t afford sticks back then as I could now, so I ended up remaining as a pad player because I couldn’t use my stick to practice KOF98 on GGPO.

That said, the 4 Kai should work well on most computers now and the TE1 was a bad stick in regards to actually working with computers.

Hello, all!
Has anyone tried using a Sega Virtua Stick High Grade with a PS4? I’m trying to figure out if it’s compatible. Thanks so much!

It’s easy to figure out, it says PS3 it won’t work on PS4 because it’s not made for it(other than possibly Skullgirls/MKX and any other game that has the drivers to support PS3 sticks that work on PS4)

So I recently used the USB repair tool (this) to replace my frayed USB cord and it was fine for the first few days. Then recently I started to notice that my stick was sometimes dropping button inputs and having directional inputs stick. I opened it up to make sure everything was seated and closed it back up again. At locals it would disconnect often at random making it unusable. I tried opening it up again and now it’s dropping tons of inputs and it’s disconnecting often. I also have a cerberus mod that I’ve had problems with before so I’m not sure if the problem is that or the fix mod. I’m aware that it might be a problem with the USB mini cord but there’s no sign of damage to it and I can’t get my hands on a different one right now. Is there anything else I can try?


Is there an alternative button combination on the dual shock 4 that will register as the ps home button?

First, what problems were you having before you replaced the original usb cord? It’s possible that there’s an issue further back in the line than where you installed the repair tool, you will need a multimeter to troubleshoot. Using the multimeter, check for continuity from the USB plug to each of the 4 corresponding lines at each joint (those being the usb repair tool and the Cerberus), all the way back to the 360 pcb. Think of each line as a pipe that needs to flow, you’re looking for a “clog”. As an example, put one multimeter pin (with it set to check continuity or ohms) on the 5v usb pin, put the other pin on the usb repair’s 5v input, and you should get continuity. If not, there’s a problem between the plug and the opposite end of the repair tool, at which point you would check for continuity at everything in between. Once you confirm continuity between the usb plug and the repair tool’s input, repeat the process all the way back through the signal chain. If you’re unable to find any “clogs”, wiggle the wires very gently (particularly at the orinial board, as you do not want to break the solder joints) while testing continuity to see if there’s a weak joint.

Use this as a color/pin guide: http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/usb-connector-pinout

It’s probably some stupid combination of words with “latch” in it, but what would something like this stick uses to open and close be called if I wanted to buy something like it to install into my custom stick? [details=Spoiler]


Something similar to the Joytron Exchange, Razer Atrox or Mad Catz TE2?
I am not sure, depends on the construction of your custom stick.

Is it wood, metal or plastic.
You need a hinge (or several depending on the design) and a latch to keep it shut.

The style of latch would depend on your custom stick. I would use ether some butt hinges or a piano hinge
Position or Friction Hinges (kind of hinge that could hold open) would be excellent but they are pricey.

For latches, I would imagine something like this would work http://www.mcmaster.com/#draw-latches/=wysyov

It be something you have to look at your local hardware store or even McMaster-Carr.

Almost sounds like you had issues with the primary installation to begin with and the repair tool kinda made it worse due to messing around with the connection and possibly loosening up the cord in the punch terminals. Could be a shoddy spot in the cable in the area between the Cerberus and the repair tool also, hard to say.

I would honestly remove the cable from the Cerberus and either cut it clean and start fresh, or cut up a spare cable to use and try that Cerberus punch down again.

Oh also, you didn’t say if the issue persisted across both systems or just one. If it’s only on the 360 side then check your connection from the 360 PCB to the Cerberus.

This is outside of fighting game tech talk but I’ve been looking online for answers anyways. So I recently purchased a CD album of a band from out in Japan that I like, it’s pretty hard to get their music through legal means online over in Europe. Never got physical CDs before so when they arrived I was kinda just looking to copy the MP3s over onto my computer to put onto my phone and iPod but the CD has some sort of copy encryption on it and I can’t copy the files or do anything with them really. I can only listen to the songs through the CD itself which is a pain, because y’know…21st century and such I don’t carry around a damn CD player with me for my musical needs. Does anybody know of any software they can point me towards so I can get these songs off of the CD and get them onto my phone?