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There’s 68 pages lol Thanks for the confirmation though.

@PresidentCamacho Thanks bud. Relatively easy process?

Search function.

I’m dealing with the exact same thing and am choosing to replace the PCB in my stick vs. mess with my computer setup at all. I’m going with a Cerebus, but Brook Fightboards are supposed to be excellent as well.

Fuck converters, replace your PCB and save yourself time in the process.

Thanks Vicko, I am sold. Awesome website, btw.


Are there any reviews on the TE2+

I’m changing the art on my round 2 te to a te-s full cover. Just wanna confirm that all I do is remove the bezel and I don’t need anything else from Art aside from the artwork and plexi, right?

Just wanna make sure because the turbo panel seems to stick pretty high up past the bare metal panel (art removed) with no bezel underneath it.


How hard are these to install for someone with no previous soldering experience?

As far as the cerberus PCB…

I don’t believe those are compatible with my stick. I have an old Round 1 PS3 TE

As easy as updating the firmware (which you have to do with the brook ps3/ps4 board as well) and plugging it in. And as I said, you can keep 360 support that way. Dual modding is also an option, though it’s more complicated than a basic pcb install.

Get the breakout board and you’ll have to solder 3-5 wires at the most. You can get away without LS/RS/touch/turbo, and you can make your cable door hole bigger and stick a new USB cable in.

anyone know where I can get art printed for the mad catz brawl stick? the art is so bad I had to put a bunch of stickers on it as soon as I got it.

Local print shops that offer Lami-label or any sort of protected vinyl/laminate art.

thanks dude.

Finally find and get an Hori Mini 4 just to open it and use the pcb to revive my 360 Madcatz VS. The question is: someone use that pcb before and what is the preferred method to do so? I’ve also seen the @“Jasen Hicks” deconstruction video on YT and what worries me is the ribbon cable where all the solder points are. I need to remove that ribbon and re-solder all the pins or what? The wires in the ribbon cable are very tiny and I don’t know how use those since it seems difficult to put them in a terminal strip. Someone can help me?

You could use either method. You are right in that the factory strips are fragile so as long as you done over-tighten you should be fine.

Not sure if this is in response to me. If so, I’m not familiar with the breakout board. Could you provide a link?

It was in response to you.
Here is the breakout board+FB already soldered