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I don’t have windows 8.1 but I never had issues on Win 7 or Win 1.
I doubt Win 8.1 OS is the cause.

Stupid question incoming but, would buying this mean I only have to screw it in and connect some wires? No soldering on my part required?


I think I’ve decided to dual mod my stick instead of using converters and stuff, I already know the fc4 is something that people use, are there any more controllers that I could take apart to use the PCB? maybe something more common since getting it here in NZ is a hassle and costs alot more.

edit: just out of curiosity, when the stick is finally dual modded, do you have to do something to switch between 360 and ps4 signals?

@Gummo is a master of the DS4 padhacks :d:

MKX is the other pad I’ve heard of, you need a DPDT switch for the D+ and D-, both PCBs are always on and connected.

Yes, there are plenty of tutorials in this and the brook thread(s). Also check the dual mod guide and the ps3 te thread (if there is one, there’s plenty of pics of the turbo panel showing what I’m talking about).

Check the 3rd party xbox one padhack thread and the 3rd party ps4 padhack thread for the answer to both of your questions.

Is Madcatz the only company producing a native PS4 stick that I can buy right now? I’m not interested in the HRAP4 as I dont want to mod and prefer SANWA.

The wait is just ridiculous at this point.

FC4 is a solid choice, I believe it’s still the best go to ps4 pad for hacking (no risk of being locked out either). Unless you are ok with having 2 outputs (never connect both simultaneously if so), you will need something to switch the data lines between the two boards, most commonly a DPDT switch. Excellent source for learning about dual modding here: Dual modding 101

@JRDIBBS , don’t the mkx ps4 pads need resistors in a dual mod?

Wether or not your issues are caused by win 8.1, i’d try a different pcb before buying an entire new stick.

Isn’t the Venom an officially licensed PS4 product? https://venomuk.com/get/arcade-stick/

The venom is not available internationally

Bah! I know how that feel’s though, I’m from the UK and I keep seeing places selling custom stuff that cost a lot to ship internationally. So, I’m thinking of knocking something up myself, which is why I’m here trying to learn from the questions.

I may be back with my own questions in a couple of weeks =)

It needs diodes on every signal line (so everything except gnd and usb lines) but only if its being dual modded with something else. If its standalone then its fine as is.

FYI, the FC4 also needs a diode on the ps3/ps4 switch if you plan on using it in a dual mod.

Sooo Art forgot to put my apartment number on the shipping label and USPS deemed my package undeliverable… What do?

Gonna paint the body of my TE white and the side panels of the TE as well as the sides and bezel of my TE2 yellow.

  1. Any specific or recommended grit for the sand paper?
  2. I plan to use Painter’s Touch spray paint as that’s readily available at Home Depot. Is it an okay brand for spray paint jobs? I’ll be using this for the clear coat, if that makes any difference.
  3. To confirm the process: Sand down well, spray a coat of paint, let dry under a lamp for 24 hours, spray another coat of paint, let it dry under a lamp for 24 hours, spray a coat of clear, let it dry for 24 hours. Is all that correct?

Two questions that I hope aren’t stupid:

-I’m working with the Cerebus Partial Connector board, and this is my first decent soldering job. For the K and P buttons, though, can I use the small holes that are traced to each soldering pad instead? I suspect I can, but want to make sure.

-Looking at the JLF sticks, I see there’s a silent one for $60 and a regular one for $30. Does the silent one offer any other benefits other than noise?

  • Yes you can. You can use the outer ones, inner ones or connect directly to the pads. You can double check this if you which using a multimeter on continuity

  • no, just the noise aspect. It does use a different gate and actuator due to the differences in the switches. Some say this offers a slightly different feel but I haven’t noticed a difference when using either

You’re excellent, thank you very much-

Jeezes. How many threads do we need about this.
What os? Try this if on windows 10
If not check this thread MadCatZ PS3 TE FightStick: PC - Xp- vista- win7 32-64bit (read 1st post)
Youre the 4th person starting a thread about his ps3 stick not working in like 2 days. Congrats

If I’m looking to get a PS360+ and install it in a Madcatz R1 TE PS3 stick, do I need to buy anything else than this for the solderless install?

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Oh and the Cronus Plus is garbage, don’t get it.