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Dubon I tried everything in that thread you posted, before you posted it with no positive results and the batcmd just makes the joystick not even appear when plugged into the VLI card, it still is read when plugged in through my other usbs, but again, no input. Oh and I already stated in my OP that I am running win 10.

Darksakul how should I not bump old threads AND not ask questions that have been asked before when the thread posted above that has 23 pages has a last post that was 4 months ago. As I said in my OP, I tried EVERYTHING, everything posted here, steam, reddit and a billion other sites, I did not just come with no research.

So I guess my only option now is to mod it?

ok, you need a new pcb then. What is your budget, do you know how to solder, and what platforms do you want to use your stick on other then PC?

Oh WOW. It might be the batcmd file, but IT IS WORKING, as in reading the input, even though it did recognize it after the first restart after running the file in the link. I reinstalled the VLI drivers and restarted and replugged it in the usb port(pci VLI) one and it is reading input.

Next step is to get it working in sfV with xinput or something

Thought so… Use x360ce.
It should show as a madcatz TE there

I just used joy2key, bound all my keys. Working, thanks!

You don’t need the wires (the middle two items) if you don’t mind re-using what’s already in you’re stick (you would just need to cut wires and strip the ends so you can screw them down on the PS360).

Hey guys, I’m a wiring noobie, looking to set up a PS360+. I see from the post above there’s a 16 piece wire set which I’d assume is the 2 wires per button - what is the ground daisy chain wire for? What do those quick disconnects connect to? And would you not also need cables for the start/select button?

1 wire per button and direction, one ground daisy chain (the other wire for each button).

A wise man once said its better to listen then to speak.
Also outside of MTG reddit stucks, its just above asking 4Chan for help.

Hey i bought Street Fighter V today but can’t play it with my fightstick because the joystick wont work.
The buttons are working the joystick isnt he detects everything else.
I got a Zero Delay Usb Encoder form China and can play the beta on my computer bought it already for Steam.
Today found the game in a local gamestore for Ps4 but my joystick isnt working.
Is it just because the day one patch isnt out yet or is my pcb not compatible for SFV on Ps4?

any advice ?

Hi all,

Long story short, I bought a Mad Catz TE2 stick (360 version) last year and was one of the people unlucky enough to run into issues with it on PC (running Windows 8.1). Dropped inputs, inputs sticking on their own, sometimes it wouldn’t even recognize the stick, all kinds of crap. I normally had good experiences with TE sticks in the past, both on consoles and Windows 7, but not this time. I’ve seen posts on multiple sites where this same issue happened to other people as well running either 8.1 or 10.

I want to get into SFV now, but I can’t afford to buy a PS4 and a stick, so I can just settle for a stick and play it on PC (which I prefer to consoles anyways). I don’t want to run into more issues with a stick, though, so I’d like some advice whether there are any sticks that reliably work on 8.1 and 10. I don’t want to drop a couple hundred dollars on something I’ll just have to send back.


Currently I have a Venom stick that I modded with sanwa buttons, and an octagonal gate, my friend is buying this off me for what I paid for it as he doesn’t want to spend much or mod his own.

Anyway Questions… firstly are the sanwa padded buttons much quieter? Are the they worth 40 pence extra a button?
Secondly do Sanwa do a black stick rather than their shiny aluminium one?
Lasty is there anywhere I can get a custom case for a fightstick (I’m in UK) the venom was cool but would of liked a bit more width on it

Hello community.

I have a ps3 ssf4 TE S fightstick, a msi gd65 gaming mobo(intel chipset) and a syba VLI(VIA) chipset usb 3.0 card. My pc (win10) reads the stick as “pc usb wired stick 8838” but after I go to the game controller properties, I get no input whatsoever, from the buttons and joystick. Nothing and this is on all three modes, LP, DP etc. My syba usb VLI card came today and after installing it and updating the drivers, it gives me the same exact results; recognition that the joystick “pc usb wired stick 8388” is connected, but no inputs. I tried everything.

This is a known issue, however usually the usb card solves it, but it did not. I checked that the card is working and it is, it read my dualshock4 among other things. The fightstick works on my laptop immediately, but not my desktop, where I do all my gaming.

The only options that are left to me seem to be:
Buy a new fightstick - I won’t spend that much when I have one that should be working
Buy a Cronusmax Plus - It has my stick on it’s compatibility list, but since this is a special case, I do not know for sure if it would work, since the usb card also should have worked, but did not. Anyone with experience with cronusmax?
Mod it - This, I am thinking of doing now as I am completely fed up, but if I do, I will ask you guys more questions as to what is the best and easiest. I saw the Phreakmods Cerberus and it seems to be the most straight forward, but my stick is a ps3 one. All I want is to play using my working fightstick.


So I installed a Cerberus Advanced PCB into my old Madcatz SE shell, and plugged it in. It’s showing up in my devices and printers, but when I go to the properties page, it’s all out of whack; buttons aren’t registering, the POV Hat is only registering down and down-left, etc. Is this due to a shitty soldering job I did, or is there something else I should install or otherwise be doing?

Sounds like bridge on your directions and no ground on your buttons

post useless without pics

Got a question and I hope someone can help lol. I am going out of my Goddamned mind trying to find a LED PCB for my TE2, to light up my buttons. Does anyone know where I can buy one RIGHT NOW? Paradise is sold out, no clue when it will be back, Madcatz is out of stock forever and a day. Also tryin’ to find a light blue TE2 bezel. I’m about to cry lol

Take a deep breath. Install a kaimana or a remora.

Looking for some modding help. I have a Street Fighter x Tekken Fightstick Pro for the 360, and I just got the ps360+ PCB board.

I’ve watched the tutorial video that’s on Focus Attack’s site, but since this is a different stick than the standard TE, I’d like some directional help. Should I go in from the top, or should I just go through the bottom? I can see PCB boards from the bottom, but they’re obstructed. I just need to know for sure whether I should go in from the top before I start going MacGyver on my stick.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Uploaded a couple pics of what I’m talking about here. Hope that helps. Apologies for the mess. I opened it up since my last post and tried to check everything.

I didn’t connect the buttons directly to the PCB; instead, I saw that the old board had all of them running directly to another board (sorry for the terminology), then THAT board had two grey ribbons, one 5 pin one 6 pin, running to the PCB. I made a note of which was which, and ended up connecting THAT to my PCB. Maybe that was stupid. The stick was connected directly to the PCB though (albeit with a connector that I snipped off so I could solder it directly).

To be specific, only the 4P button works on its own, but when I hold IT down, I can register all the other buttons too. Stick only seems to register down and down-left, and it’ll flash to up for a moment when I’m pushing it down-right.

Wondering if I fucked this up too badly or if it’s out of my scope. Contemplating contacting a builder to see if they can take it over and make it work.

From the bottom. Once you take the metal plate off (you’ll need to remove the screws, the feet and the screws hidden under the feet) there will be a second layer surrounded by screws with red glue around the perimeter. Take all those off (2 are in the cable compartment and one is next to the start/select buttons), unplug the start/select wires and unplug the usb harness from the pcb and you should now be able to remove half the stick with the usb cable which leaves you the 2nd half of the stick with the wires and pcb and a nice spot in the middle for mounting another pcb :slight_smile: