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Solved the issue with my PS360+ - it was a power issue. Apparently, my laptop couldn’t supply the .8A required for it to work?

Well, I used a y cable and now it works - so there’s that.

I’ve been poring over some old threads and want to make sure I understand correctly.

If I have a ps3 stick and wanted to dual mod with an Imp, I need to take the USB cable coming off of the stick’s pcb, snip it, put the pcb side where it says “ps3 controllers x cable” and solder the usb side to the spots for the usb jack?

The imp board only allows you to switch between 2 pcb’s, it’s not a controller pcb itself. If you’re trying to add 360 support, you will need a 360 pad hack or a ps360 pcb.

Yeah, sorry, I left that part out. ps3 pcb usb and 360 pad usb go into imp, usb goes out, right?

Assuming the rest of the dual mod wiring is implied (as in connecting all of the button/direction signals) as well, the area labeled usb goes out, while the 360 pcb’s usb cable should be connected to D+, D-, VCC, and ground (the A column) on the wide row. Use this pdf as a better guide: http://www.godlikecontrols.com/imp2.pdf

Hey guys travel a lot for my job and wanting to bring my stick with me through airports and stuff when xrd comes out so I can get some training mode in. I know there used to be an option for a joystick that would unscrew so it would neatly fit in a backpack. Anyone familiar with this and if so where would I get it? Also if anyone is familiar with its quality let me know.

I just bought a Hori Hayabusa v4 and am going to need to switch buttons so figured I’d switch the stick also if I could find one of those models.

Phreak mods JLF link is what you’re looking for. I believe that will work with the Hayabusa lever in your V4 as well. Jasen’s Custom’s has the best price on them until he runs out: https://www.jasenscustoms.com/PhreakMods-The-Link.html

anyone what size the 6 small screws for the bottom panel of a fightstick pro are?

No, but if you got at least 1 of those screws, I would take it to a hardware store and see if you can get a partial match.

You are best getting the same thread size and length but not the same appearance.

I have two PS360+ questions for those who have owned them for a while.

  1. I noticed that on akishop-customs.com that there is a new, or at least news of the v1.5 firmware. However, I can’t find it or any PS360+ firmware downloads. I found the install guide and got everything setup…I just needed a hex file to run in the Atmel Flip software. The Akishop site doesn’t even have direct links to files or even it’s own guides that I can find outside of using Google. I found http://akishop-customs.com/PS360Plus/Software/OfficialVer1.5.hex but I’m not touching that until I know it’s an official release.

  2. When I plug in my PS360+ to my laptop joy.cpl reports that a PS360 v1.4 is ready to go and if I plug in to my tower PC it says PS360 v1.2. Does anybody know why this is? It doesn’t seem to affect anything as it works just fine. I was just curious. I just found this on FA’s site.

I have a friend who’d like a TE modded to work on his WiiU. Any recommendations on what to source for pcb? I’d like to keep it fully wired (avoid wiimote) if at all possible.
I was looking at the PDP and Hori battlepad offers but unsure if they’re common ground and if theres difficulty with regards to the triggers.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Perhaps a Game cube controller and Game Cube to Wii U adapter?

Apart from the recent official one (which is mostly OOS and being sold for a billion dollars), the rest seem to want you to plug it into a wiimote :frowning:
Would it be possible to simply padhack a GC controller then snip the cable and attach it to a USB one then just plug that in? seems a bit too simple so I doubt it lol

The mc cthulhu should work if you’re going to use a game cube adapter.

Nope, you can’t just swap the connector, the protocols, the language the data that needs to be sent is different.

You need a full on adapter like the one Nintendo makes

Thanks for the feedback.
Any input on the existing wiiu pads? can’t seem to find any info on the PCBs…may have to just pull the trigger on one and find out.

ive never used the Chimp board ever honestly however here is my question.

So i have a Chimp v1.1 board i know that this is two boards together the Cthulu and the Imp all in one however my question is.

Does the Chimp board work on ps2 or is it just the ps3 cthulu?

Just the PS3.

If you want PS2 function you need a MC Cthulhu or a PS360+

The chimp provides ps3 support, no older systems.

Ahh okay I figured when there was no place to mount a rj45 PCB mount just wanted to make sure well dang I have the wrong part then haha but again thanks guys

The guy gave it to me to install in his MAS stick but I told him the chimp is the cthulu and imp in one totally forgetting that there is a ps3/PC cthulu and then there’s the MC cthulu lol