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There’s many USB cords with the breakaways in white. They usually come from a controller.
The PDP Rock Candy controllers have white cables and breakaway cables in white/anothercolor too.

I can’t believe I forgot about those controllers, I guess I was limiting myself to just arcade sticks and stock Xbox 360 controllers. Thanks for the answer, but I feel stupid for not having thought of controllers like that.

Hey are there sites/shops other than tek-innovations which sell premade Stick/Hitbox Cases?

You could go to the official source:

There’s also these nice folks across the pond:

so i been using this 2lb spring and 1.0 kowal agutator for a few days. and im not sure whats causing the bad excution at first i was really liking both mods i still use a square gate. but i was wondering if theres such a thing as a 1.5 lb spring or a 1.0 spring. the default is tad bit too buttery for me but the 2 lb now that its looser still feels a tad bit much. or maybe its the agutator

so in my existing sanwas im not using if i wanted i coudl order these and install art work no? http://www.focusattack.com/mix-match-sanwa-obsc-30mm-plunger-clear/ buddy mine has sanwas and semitsu clears are out and he wants to put artwork in his buttons hes not fussed bout switches or that just wants to put artwork in buttons and i only know of the semitsu translucens that allow this

Both of those mods will change the feel, meangin both will take some adjusting to get used to… The oversized actuator will require you to be more precise with your movements. As for the spring weight, Paradise Arcade Shop has a 1.5lb spring.

Are there dark green and/or gray Sanwa 30mm buttons (snap in preferred)?

@StoneAgeHero : The closest to gray Sanwa buttons that I know of are the Black/Gray OBSF-30-K Dark Hai. I don’t know of any Dark Green buttons out there.

^thanks for the reply. I know the Dark Hai ones… I actually need gray rims.

Seimitsu makes an all gray button.
SEIMITSU PS-15 comes in Ash (Grey)

Also some of the older Hori Push buttons come in grey too.
The old Hori buttons can be improved with a Sanwa SW-68 Switch, and is comaptible with Sanwa Rims and plungers.

I am thinking of using photo paper for top panel without plexi or lexan cover. Do you guys think photo paper alone would be durable for top panel? And which would be better, matte or glossy?(Lets just say i fixed the paper in position, no problem there).
I want to get away without using plexi because it is kind of reflective. I also won’t use lamination.

Durable? nope.

How big has the hole to be that the Neutrik USB Connector fits? Couldn’t find the exact size. Thanks!

24mm, same size hole as your typical 24mm Japanese push buttons.

Make sure you also make 2 smaller holes to accommodate the screws that holds the connector in place.

This post is regarding the the sub topic I started in this post. Its regarding the PCB’s of the Hori Fight Stick 2 for the PS2. I’ve also added a picture of the fourth PCB that connects the R3 and L3 buttons.


PCB #2


PCB # 3


PCB #4


For clarification to the rest of SRK TT, your previous post was:

I google searched “Hori Fighting Stick 2 shoryuken” and got a 2 page thread that’s about 8 years old with step by step instructions on how to mod this thing with new buttons and joystick.
Not all the photos are still around, but you can sift thru it and see a lot of useful information.

A - Doubtful. Hori’s sticks (especially those in the PS2 and early PS3/360 era hardly ever had a common ground PCB. If you wanted to put a Sanwa in it, you’ll have to do some extra work as you’ll read in the topic I posted above.

B - You can keep the functionality for the PCB2 and wire those to whatever PCB you decide to put in the thing. PCB3 you might as well just get rid of, as most PCBs won’t have support for R3/L3 or switching to different analog sticks.

What I recommend:
If you aren’t familiar with modding, and don’t have access to tools you’ll need to mod (such as a soldering iron, dremel, drill, etc), then I’d recommend just selling the thing and buying something with quality parts in it already, as after I read thru the topic, it’s not necessarily an easy job to do for a noob. But then again, it all depends on what you want to do and how far you’re willing to go.

A dual modded stick with decent parts in it is $80 right now with the Mayflash v2 stick, so you gotta think you’re gonna end up spending $25 on joystick, $30 on buttons, and $30-$60 on a PCB. Probably better to ditch it or just sell it in the trading outlet here on SRK.

Good luck!

Really? I can’t think of a single Hori PS2 stick that wasn’t common ground, including HRAP’s, FS PS, Tekken 3 versions, Namco stick etc. The only times I remember Hori fucking up was with their earlier 360 sticks. Even all their PS3 sticks were common ground (Fighting Edge is debatable).

I’ve modded a FS2 a looong time ago, IIRC it is common ground but I didn’t keep any images to double check. Probably because the only thing worse than this stick is the EX2, either of them make me want to vomit.

@FrankCastleAZ: I’ll look through that post again and see what I can find. With regards to the scale of the mod, this shouldn’t be to difficult if the pcb’s are common ground as this seems to be the main obstacle for the use of the PS360+. I’m looking to turn this stick into a multi-platform controller as I have access to many of the consoles its compatible with.

@gahrling: If you can, could you give me a few tips on how would I be able to determine if the pcb’s are common ground?

Again thanks for the help guys.

So sanwa clear plungers are capable of artwork inserts