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I’m actually in Canada; I’ve had it happen once during locals in Toronto when things used to be run inside a game shop (this was back in 2016), then 3 more times during club sessions at my university (once during a session in late 2017, another at a session in early 2018, and another at a session around March). For what it’s worth, the sticks in question used:

  • A Hori Fighting Commander board (Xinput version) + MadCatz TE 360 board
  • A Hori Fighting Commander board (Xinput version) + PDP MKX Xbone/360 board
  • A Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 board + PDP MKX Xbone/360 board

All the lock ups/disconnects happened while playing on PS4.

If it really is the dual mod (whether by how good my modding job was or if 2 boards are drawing too much power at once), I’d have to consider undoing them completely and just sticking with PS4, which sucks since I spent money on those Xbox boards and drilled holes for switches already.


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If they’re running a lot of stuff off not enough power sockets, the USB might not be able to pull down enough juice. I doubt this is a dual mod issue - I’ve heard of it happening with wired controllers at tourneys.


Does anyone know what sticks are compatible with the mount in a Hori RAP EX-SA? It’s got a JLF but there’s another bracket and I’m curious if I can fit a crown stick in or not.


Hey, can someone give me a pic of the manual for HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai? I got mine from a friend in the USA, but he sent it to me without a box or the instruction booklet.


I read the PS4 utilizes a periodic authentication over bluetooth. So does every wired PS4 controller have a bluetooth module? If so, why don’t they make them wireless?
Also, how does the bluetooth signal pass thru a metal enclosure(ie. UFB inside a Panzer fightstick)?


Authentication is the only wireless part, and that not completely true.
authentication also takes place over USB as well

Only controls that Wireless actual works on (without providing a dongle) is Sony made stuff.


Isn’t the Hori Onyx controller the only exception?


Honestly I am not sure at this point.
I know at least 1 hori controller don’t use Bluetooth authentication and nether does the ufb


Do you know if the ufb is an officially licensed ps4 product?


Oh no no no no. It is not and never will be if it has support for rival consoles.


I wonder how the ufb bypasses the ps4 authentication if it isn’t an officially licensed product.


Its not uncommon for pcb manufacturers to figure out how to spoof the controller authentication of a console. Last gen ps360 did, this gen brook does it. The specifics would obviously be considered a trade secret to them, so well probably never know. It would be cool if there was some competition though. Id definitely buy more ufbs if the price was lower.


It’s called reversed engineering.
You look at existing products and you figure out how to do the same thing with out copying the hardware


I have it but the text size is small, anything specific you need?


I’m having trouble trying to find what kind of stick and buttons the Mad Catz TE 1 uses!

Anyone know? TY!


Sanwa JLF and Sanwa OBS-F



Most Sanwa and Seimitsu parts fit in the old Gen 1 TE with no issues.

What are you trying to accomplish?


Thanks guys!!!

I may be thinking about replacing the stick to be honest. I’m unsure if I need to replace the whole thing though! 2 issues! It’s super duper loose now, so maybe just the spring?

And second like around the bottom left the switches seem to lag a bit or not register I think?


I have a question about the Hori Mini 4’s PCB. There seems to be only one ground on the pins where the ribbon cable is soldered. Where do i wire the ground for the buttons? Would the ones on the Options,share and home work? I have little knowledge of these things so i apologize if i asked a stupid question.