Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)


No I did not lube the threads.


Just checking to see if anyone might know what’s up.

Long story short; stick with kaimana mini and ps360+ doesn’t work on the ps3 > unknown usb device detected. works on pc however.


try a shorter USB Cable.


Quick question about the Hori T5 stick.

I’m trying to mod a T5 stick. I want to add plexi to it, but I’m missing a screw from the front pf the stick. Does anyone know the size of the screws?


Shaft extender is bad for stick?


In any case, my first response was pretty rude, sorry about that.


Its cool. Happens to all of us.


Hard to say, too many variables there to cover.
More than likely that a heavy duty, well made stick can accept any additional abuse.
With a JLW or a LS-40 I would say you are safe. Something smaller/flimsy you might see wear and tear much quicker.

What Joystick you are trying to use a shaft extender with?


Can someone tell me how much a fully assembled Panzer fightstick 3i and 3(hitbox version) weigh?


Is there a converter for ps4 or ps3 to xbox360? I am downsizing and just want a single stick. Are there any good solutions for this?


Brook make a converter just for this
Brook converter


Thanks, but you got it backwards. I want a converter FROM ps4/ps3 TO 360.


Hmm, I remember seeing the same but reversed… Maybe it was discontinued? I’ve had a good look but can’t find it. Another idea is to dual mod your stick to have a second board. Also look up the cronus max plus, it claims to connect anything and is a brook adapter on steroids but I have no experience with it


360 Brook Converters were a limited item for Evo one year. Just dual mod it.


Ya I figured it might come to that.
My problem is that I want to keep the turbo functionality on my stick (original PS4 HRAP V4) but I am unsure how I would wire it onto a brooks.
So, does anyone have a wiring diagram for the extra functions on on the HRAP V4?


You can remove the side panel pcb and just follow the traces to see which wires go where


I would not recommend the Cronus Adapters to anyone


Cannot say I’ve ever heard of it used in the community either tbh


Its (Cronus Adapters) actually banned in most tournaments


Are there any options for a PC only pcb? Making a Mame cab.

Also, probably a dumb question, but when using the Brooks PC/PS3/PS4 pcb does the touchpad button work as the select button in PS3 mode?