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Look up “zero delay usb encoder” they’re really cheap.


Perfect, exactly what I was hoping for, 2 of those and two Brooks and I’ll be set for my 4 player cab, now I just need to know about touchpad/select so I know how many 24 mm buttons to get.


Yeah it works as select for non PS4 consoles


So, my sanwa stick doesn’t register UP LEFT consistently, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it only registers as up. Clicking the switches individually is fine, and i tested it in another arcade stick, so I don’t think it’s a pcb issue, but rather than the switches in the sanwa stick itself. Any easy fix? or do i just need to buy a new stick.


You can buy new microswitch PCBs for a JLF and use it as a drop in replacement part. Just take off the gate


My brother and I are both saving up for fully custom multiconsole sticks after we realized it’s getting too expensive buying dedicated sticks for each console. We already settled on the parts (i.e buttons, sticks, pcbs, etc.) but our current dilemma is finding the most versatile case possible. Versatile in the sense that it has all of the buttons found on a controller such as L3/R3 simply for compatibility purposes or convenience when it comes to emulating arcade games. My top contender is JC’s Panzer but I also had an 18" one from AllFightSticks in mind which also has 6 auxilliary button cutouts. Other options I saw were from FightStickAsia and The Average Joe from Marvelous customs but I’m not interested in their cases too much. What do you guys recommend?


L3 and R3?

I dont even have all eight buttons on most of my Sticks.
I have the distinct lack of L1 and L2 on all but two of my sticks.


Hello everybody! Long time ago I wanted to start using an arcade stick and bought a cheap WWE Brawlstick since it was easy to mod (never done it xD).
Now that I have a little more budget I wanted to buy a better stick, with pc/ps4 compatibility and easy modding support.
With this in mind I have found the HORI RAP 4 KAI for 140€. I see people say it’s worth it while others suggest other sticks.
What do you guys think? I’m not a pro, probably still a beginner I would say.


Brawlstick isn’t a bad fightstick and going from it to Hori Rap doesn’t seem to be a big upgrade. I would look for an inexpensive Panthera / Obsidian / Hori fighting edge.


Can I ask you why is that? the other alternatives you proposed are unavailable for me, the only one is the panthera that is 100€ more than the HORI


I always saw the Hori rap 4 as a mid tier fightstick. I have a feeling you would want to upgrade to something better eventually from the Hori Rap 4. So spend a little more now and get a Panthera / Obsidian / Hori fighting edge.


I see, but eventually upgrading the buttons/lever with sanwa etc wouldn’t be similar? honest noob question xD

edit: actually found a panthera for 200€, so 50€ more than the hori (and hori + 6 sanwa buttons + 1 sanwa lever would be 50€ with shipping, aka 200€ for a hori full sanwa).

Might go with this solution since it’s full sanwa out of the box and modding friendly.
Does it work on PC too?
I’ve read it had problem with the original firmware in terms of input lag but that seems to be fixed?


pretty much every fightstick works on PC. The panthera is one of the fastest fightsticks with the latest firmware update.


Thanks! If the panthera doesn’t have any particular backdraw I’ll go with it for that price


Isn’t the Panthers the Razor stick?
Because fuck Razor and their poorly made crap


Is 1/4 inch thick or 1/8 inch thick MDF durable enough to build an IL stick case? Those two thicknesses are really cheap and plentiful at my local home depot so I’m wondering if it’s a good option


what issues did you have with yours? I am happy with mine so far.


Afaik it’s not the panther itself but razer products in general. From what I’ve read for example, their lines of mechanical keyboards with custom razer switches actually sucks, and apparently there’ll be a new Panther version with custom razer buttons/sticks (and here lies the problem).

That’s my opinion from what I’ve gathered online but I’ll wait for @Darksakul since I’m curious too


Haven’t had one myself but if the cable or connector for it breaks you’re SOL and have to splice in a new USB somehow. Also heard it creaks.

If you want a beefy lunchbox stick the Hori RAP N is fantastic


That’s worrisome, I just searched and apparently there’s still no solution.

edit: apart from the audio jack and the layout, what’s the difference between the RAP N and the RAP 4 Kai? Aren’t the components the same?
Also, since we’re talking about defecting usb cables, is it easy to fix it on the RAP?