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I have and several others I know, our Atrox plastic cases started to break
Having the plastic body deteriorate is not something you want to see in a $200 stick, even if its many months or years down the road.


The USB cable is quire nicely tucked away on the RAP N. It’s just a nice big solid stick with a layout I’d recommend more people try. East to do a Sanwa mod but Hayabusa parts are quite nice! Alternatively the new Panthera Evo is going to be a similar kind of deal in Viewlix with mechanical switches.


Vewlix, are you speaking about the Hori VLX.
As the VLX is leagues above the Razor Pathera.


The layout, can never remember how to spell it


So i threw in my madcatz TE2 led board and noticed that two of the LED lights don’t light up. Upon further inspection, it looks like they were broken off. Do you think a modder can solder two generic LEDs back on to make it 100% functional again? Or should I just cut my losses and accept it.

also, i had a more advanced question. I got my TE2 installed with a Jasen’s customs EZ mod with UFB in my 360 te2 at evo, only problem is the auxilary board on top of the stick doesn’t have any extra buttons besides HOME, so I don’t currently have any buttons mapped to Touchpad. Would there be a way to wire an extra button to the Brooks Board, or is this way more work than it’s worth. Obviously this will require some dremeling, was thinking it could go on the front bottom left where the old microphone port used to be.


Thanks! Only thing I still don’t understand if the HORI RAP 4 KAI (the latest model, with PC switch and full hayabusa components) is basically the same as the RAP N but with no audio jack and a different layout.
I knew the pcb was different in the RAP 4, but the PC version should have the same as the N, right?


Is there any place making “replica” TE2 parts? Wanted to customise my ryu one although I’m not bothered about getting original mad catz side panels


What are the collar messurements on korean sticks?


35mm wide


Thanks, now to figure out how to mount it in tupperware.


I never thought about it before, but I’d like to know this myself now…


So I scored a green goblen dreamcast arcade stick at my local game store in excellent condition fo 40$ what do these normally retail at ?


Usually in the range of $80-$100.


With a hitbox fightstick, is there a way to disable the left input if right is currently pressed and vice versa? I’m actually building an NES / Famicom stick, and if I don’t disable L+R simultaneous inputs, my runs will be disqualified.


What´s the matter with the kowal Short throw i can not buy in arcadeworld is out stock for a long time?


Look up socd cleaner. Depending on what board your using it may have the functionality built in.


Does anyone know the name of the push buttons that have a hexagon or octagon rim? I remember seeing them somewhere but cant finds them for the life of me on the interwebz, thanks.


I think you are looking for the GamerFinger buttons.


Thanks! <3


The bottom panel of my hori SCV stick is starting to get rusty. I can’t feel it as smooth as before.
It’s a little more than half a year old. It has never touched water, its been on the chair of my desk all the time. I thought bottom panels got rusty because of water of other stuff like that.
Is there anything I can do to prevent that? Since my guess is that it’s hard to make or get panels for fightsticks.