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Remove it, use lemon juice to blacken/neutralise any dust, sand it, spray paint it


This probably sounds like an odd question, but has anyone ever heard of led lights in an arcade stick potentially causing seizures? I changed the lights in my qanba crystal and they’re a really bright white. I’m concerned that if I doublt/triple tap or mash really fast it could be harmful when they’re set to light up on press

EDIT: Here’s how bright they are on always on mode. I’m using 5 volts 150 ohms for each led and there are 2 per button and 1 in the balltop which is off in neutral and on when any direction is pressed


I know it’s not out yet, but I’ve not really seen much talk about the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It only supports Microsoft platforms, but I thought there would be atleast some interest in using it to hook up buttons, and have first class support as a controller.

Does anyone have thoughts on if it could be useful as the heart of an arcade stick?


Isn’t that about the price of the ufb?


Is there a way to tell apart an old version of the HORI RAP 4 KAI vs a new one from the box?
I don’t remember if someone told me that the actual box is still the old one and the only way to check it out is seeing the lateral panel with the new PC switch

edit: speaking of the default black version, the colored one afaik are new for sure


What’s the maximum panel thickness for screw on buttons?


Japanese, American, or Korean buttons?


Sanwas, probably would have helped lol.


Just because I’m not sure how much the mod/build sticky gets looked at. Anyone know someone who would be able to make me a hitbox that would look similar to this. Have seen quite a few people who do full wooden sticks but looking for metal top panel.


I installed an optical hayabusa in my fighting edge 2017 model and around eight minutes of being connected to my ps4 it becomes unresponsive. The lever and the all of the buttons do nothing, I reinstalled the stock mechanical hayabusa and it works without no issue, what could be causing this? I’ve updated the firmware for the stick but it didn’t solve the issue. Thanks.


Good morning, I just got my art back I have a madcatz sf x tekken stick anyway what adhesive would you suggest because I dont want to use plexi since I dont think it’ll be flush. Thanks.


I’ve stripped some of the balltop threads on the shaft of my hori hayabusa. Do the JLF shafts work?

When comparing my fighting edge to my rap v, I’ve noticed that the response time on the fighting edge is much better, it’s most noticeable when just walking back and forth in alpha 3. I’m thinking about a Brook PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board Plus board for my rap v. Does this board have a jst connector for an optical or would I have to solder it in?

Do the plastic circular cylinders in the case of the arcade stick absorb sound? I’ve noticed that the fighting edge has big cylinders inside and that my rap v has small ones. The buttons in the fighting edge are hayabusa without the silent pad and make less noise than my rap v’s hayabusa buttons without the pads. Thank you.


Yes, jlf shafts work.


I have to ask, how did you manage that one?

If you are talking the Cylinders inside the housing, not really. They are just their for support.

More likely that there some more plastic between the metal panel and the rest of the case.


Looking for details on custom hitbox makers

Ive tried allfightstick and IST but the dude Is too busy and IST is all in korean and I dont understand it.

Im based in Ireland but willing to pay for shipping wherever make me one


Other than console compatibility (PS3 vs PS4) are there any case/design differences between the Hori VLX 3 vs VLX 4?


I applied a lot torque on the balltop and not the screwdriver. I can see silver on some of the shaft threads, the rest of the threads are black. I now hold the balltop and torque the screwdriver a bit. My bubbletop comes uncrewed on the shaft with the showing silver threads, but not on a new hayabusa shaft that I apply a small amount of torque on.


Iirc some of the RAP 3 series have their function buttons on the top not the side and discreet turbo switches


God I’m an idiot ignore me, I thought you said HRAP


What diference are from LS-56 to LS-40?