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Whats the sound those switches are making?
They should click when actuated


I know that I meant for d sub control in puts. I’m going to make a cable for my project box controller to be able to hook it up at tournaments held on supergun. I probably should have specified that. C’s XP


The click when is actuated


Oh for the DB 15, most people uses this

That is normal.


Thanks @Darksakul.


Why this short throw mod have so many holes?


Is it for just one joystick model/brand? Maybe it’s so you can use it on a few different ones


OK Maybe because works other Seimitsu sticks


kowal plates are just spacers, a poorman’s solution for reducing throw.
There’s a big problem if you use spacers plates with seimitsu to thicken the body and thus increase throw, the actuator will not hit the gate at an angle that it was designed for, so it will hit the upper sharp edge of the gate, and not flat on the side . Since actuators and gates are made of a tough and elastic polyamide grade but not very stiff nor hard It means premature wear if you’re at the wrong angle at max throw.

Seimitsu sticks, all of them, were designed to accomodate for a little body thickness variation (due to pliability of gate etc) : all models have their PCB switch version, which adds 1.6mm.
that’s all that can be tolerated in terms of thickness variation.
Adding say 6mm or 8mm is ridiculous and will ruin actuator and or gate.

Is there a correct method to keep the right max throw angle for gate and actuator so they contact the same way while increasing throw ?
Yes there is, you need to change either gate or actuator. Easiest mod is oversizing the actuator’s lower section diameter (much easier than designing a new gate with a wider aperture and wider contact angle at max throw), but since we’re keeping everything stock except actuator, the new actuator needs to keep a similar geometry , not slanting a side that was straight on stock part for example (don’t make it conical when it was stock was cylindrical ).
Have only the actuator section which is in contact with the gate at max throw be oversized or else it will shorten engage too and that is another story (seimitsu already have short engage/actuation)


I hate the spring for the Sanwa Jlf and i want a case to put a IL magnetic or Eurojoystick


that’s a personal choice and to each his own, but you should know there are over the counter stronger springs for JLF that completely change the feel compared to stock spring .


The spring is too soft and have so much engage and deadzone


I just told you you can buy stiffer springs to mod your JLF. Much stronger, like almost unplayable !
Also the engage and throw can be shortened with oversized actuators you can go from +0.5mm to something around 2.0mm (extreme), but useful if using non stock switches that need that extra diameter increase, example zippys and silent omrons.

I’m not trying to discourage you to buy IL sticks, I had a good time on comps (aka “eurostick”) btw.
Now the thiung is to make sure how much the throw and engage are reduced independently as the JLF actuator has the top slanted conical part made to actuate the switches and the thinner lower cylindrical section made to only hit the gate


I bougth one year ago one actuator 1MM oversize like
And zippy ultra light 20g microswitches and i have a lot problems because the engage is strange and the stick isn´t have enough accuracy


it’s nice to experiment, but if the feel isn’t right try other combos.
I notice you didn’t mention having bought a stiffer spring, but you did partially compensate deeper actuation of zippys with oversized actuator .
Stock spring + light switches = imho bad combo for accurate centering of the JLF. You need to compensate weak switches with a stronger spring unless you like a loose feel.
Buy the IL sticks you mentioned and compare. They all have pros and cons there is no perfect stick.


Does anyone know the ethernet pinout for the Brook Retro board? I want to make a snes cable for my stick but I’m having issue finding a pinout chart.


Its the same as the PS360+ and whats recomended for the MC Cthulhu when people use the RJ45 connector


Sweet, so I just need to find one of those old MC Cthulu threads and I’m golden huh?


This Spring from IL fit in my Sanwa JLF or in my LS-56-01 with kowal mod?


No. it will not fit.