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Does plexiglass wear? I have some noticeable discoloration underneath my dustcover of my rap v.


https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dn9ox-BX0AAMrEg.jpg Saw this on twitter and didn’t get a response does anyone know what type of storage box he is using to hold all these buttons? I need one of those boys.


Think it’s just a standard plastic jewelry/craft storage box. Not sure on the exact model the picture used, but there’s tons of them on Amazon.

Or you could go to local crafts store like Michaels, I’m sure they have some.


And Some hardware stores, fabric and crafty stores and such have similar boxes/cases for storage.


What is the weight of the hori hayabusa shaft? I installed a jlf shaft into my optical hayabusa and it stiffened the feel of the lever. I reinstalled the hayabusa shaft and it felt lighter, which is what I prefer.


They are identical in size, shape and both made out of steel
Any real differences are in your head


https://www.akishop.jp/button-parts/274-obsa-sp.html## This spring is for Sanwa Jlf?
Where can i buy seimitsu springs 2lB i find this but this the normal


I have a 1mm arcade metal actuator bought in Paradise Arcade, if I use that actuator I have to remove the pcb from my Sanwa Jlf because it crashes the lever with the microswitches that come by default, how do I connect the sanwa jlf without the arcade connector?
PS: The problem seems to be that I had to buy the 0.5mm actuator and it gets stuck on the switches and it also suits me and I use a 20 force switch.


This is a shot in the dark, but has anyone tested/posted the input delay for Street Fighter games when running through any version of pandora’s box on a cabinet? I’m thinking about getting one to have on standby while I hunt down the actual boards for the games I want to collect. I was just curious of how close (or far off) the games on pandora would be to running like the originals.


Ended up going with the Pantera (I know, it’s what I call it), thanks for the heads up!


Question to someone who knows the hori fighting edge and those metallic sanwa buttons. I am probably blind but are the hori buttons closer to the metallic gray or silver colors? Trying to replicate the color scheme and I’d haven’t seen those metallic buttons to know how they look irl.


I just got a blast city cab and it looks like I may potentially have to replace the monitor (will confirm after I have someone test another jamma board with it, don’t know if I need to take the plunge yet). The monitor is the NANAO MS29-30/31. My question is: would a NANAO MS29-29 chassis also be able to work with that tube? I can’t find any of the former model chassis’ online at the moment.


2 places that may be able to help you www.ukvac.com (they are very dedicated) or possibly r/Cade on reddit. Sorry I cant help you but I only have experience with LCDs (cant find a Blast City or similar :disappointed_relieved: )


Will plugging a Dinput controller into an Xbox One brook converter allow the controller to be used for Xinput on PC?


Apparently for some 24mm cutouts, there’s some added thickness to OBSC button housings, which leads to the rim compressing on the plunger and keeping it from actuating properly. What’s the best way to file down the bumps on the side without destroying everything or making a massive mess?


Hey guys, I have an hori rap n, I use mostly only for 2D fighters, I wanted to try Tekken 7 on it but I find the lever too lose,like if I try to side step sometimes I end up jumping, I was consider installing a Korean lever not sure which one would fit , or maybe try a heavier spring?



Stretching the spring would be the cheapest and quickest option.


Just get a heavier spring, I have a RAP N Tekken edition and getting the 2lb spring was the best decision I ever made.


I personally switched to a K-Stick for Tekken. The one that everyone swears by is the Myoungshin Fanta; but mounts for K-sticks and Japanese sticks are completely different. Of course, there are products that try to bridge this (see Kowal universal mounting plate); but there is a Crown stick that fits JLF mounts.


Also the worst option.