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Hey Guys,
the ps4 fighting edge has a 6 pin connector on the pcb next to were the joystick harness is soldered in. Has anyone used that 6 pin to hook up an optical joystick pcb? I thought that the fighting edge was compatible out of the box for optical pcb but its only 5 pin.


I have the Hori Hayabusa Optical joystick and sadly it freaks out and locks the controller from doing anything for more than 2 mins. I switched it back to a regular 5pin and it’s working fine. Kind of sad i cant use the optical anymore…


Heyo, I am building my first fightstick. i want it to be compatible with pc and all current gen consoles. I already found a board, stick, and buttons, but now I need to find a case. I would like it to have an area for artwork, in a noir style button layout and have buttons on the side for console stuff (home buttons etc) know where I can find such a thing? thanks in advance :slight_smile:


you have a couple of options in that regard, either by making a custom case or going with something like a Makestick enclosure. If you don’t mind being patient and waiting for the enclosure to arrive (they ship from Korea), then I can recommend the Makestick to you. They also have a MDF enclosure as well if you’re wanting something simple to just drop your buttons/stick/PCB in and wire up.

ISTMall - Makeshift and MDF cases


I love the optical hayabusa, it’s my lever of choice. My fighting edge locks up after 8 minutes on ps4 with the optical installed. No issues when on pc with the optical installed in the fighting edge.


does your fighting edge have a 6 pin or 5 pin joystick harness?


It came with a 5 pin harness for the mechanical hayabusa. I used the 6 pin harness and the optical that came with my rap v silent.


So I’m new to the forum and to modding.
Want to install a brook universal pcb in my razor atrox for the xbox one but have no idea where to wire the guide button and the also don’t know if the lock will still work as I’ve received 2 different answers from 2 different modders.
Has anyone done this that wouldn’t mind helping me out?
I’ve got the layout and installation guide but don’t know where these would go wired.
If post is not allowed here I apologize.


Hey all!
I’m wondering what specific model of the BenQ gaming monitors are they currently using for Capcom Cup/EVO, etc?
I’m using the RL2460 but I’m thinking about a head to head set up and it seems the RL2460’s are harder to come by.
There doesn’t seem to be anything comparable to the RL2460…
Thanks for the help!


Anyone know where i can get ChimpSMD firmware? Toodles website no longer is available for downloads. Thank you


So I own an LLC in California and I’m thinking about starting a business where I place steet fighter II arcade games in local businesses such as bars and barbershops. I’m coming here to toss the idea around to see if I can get some more insight on what would be the drawbacks and rewards to doing this. I’m thinking about buying a cabinet from offer up to restore it to a SFII hyper fighting cab. Where would I even start to purchase the board? Also is it possible to use an HDTV, instead of a CRT monitor with the board?

Please give me insight.


It sounds to me like you have a good amount of research ahead of you before doing that. Just thinking about profit vs maintenance. It sounds similar to how vending machines sales are done just without having to resupply anything. You might want to get your own machine first and learn about it before you start a business revolving them as well. Decide if you want to refurb machines yourself vs buying pre-manufactured machines which accept things like the pandora box which supports hundreds of roms.
There are facebook groups which area really good at helping you find deals on arcade games, but there is also power and video controls.
The classic CRT’s are not really easy to get your hands on a bunch of them that work really well. You can use a HDTV with something like a SLG (Scan Line Generator) to give it a more classic feel.
If you decide to go with roms for the game sand charge people you also want to make sure your licensing is in place as well. Don’t want any legal troubles, But this way you can use something like a rasp pi for the games.
If Arcade1Up has shown anything is that people have an appetite for arcades still. just not sure if the 10 dollars a month you might get out of it would really be worth the trouble…


I’ve been researching like a mad man lately. My machines are going to run pandora’s Box 5s with an hd monitor. I’ve sent letters to local businesses such as bars and barbershops. I’m gonna start with 2 machines and let them run for 6 months before adding new machines to my route. The guy who’s gonna build the machines is gonna refurb some old cabinets. He’s charging me $800 per machine. Which I think is reasonable. I just wanna put the cabs in places that will generate max profits. Laundry mats and bars primarily.


Interested to hear how this plays out, but 800 includes the cost of machines? or is he charging you 800 to refurb machines your purchase? if 800 includes the cost of the machine and HDTV as well as the pandora box then you have a pretty good deal. thats about what it might cost for you to do it all yourself. let alone custom artwork to build some kind of brand outside of the generic MULTICADE. Also I’m pretty sure its illegal to charge money to play pandora roms… I mean places like chuck e’ cheese may get away with it just be aware that, its one thing to have a pandora box for personal use, its another to use it for profit… or someone correct me if I’m wrong.
Also if this guy is going to build the games for you, why ask the questions if you can use HDTV’s? are you doing any of this yourself?


I have a Madcatz TE2+ stick for PS4 that I would like to be able to use on Xbox 360. What are my options for making this work? Dual Mod? I know Brooks had the PS3/4 to 360 converter that were limited edition so unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option for me.

I don’t know how to solder but I guess I’m not opposed to learning. I hear the PDP Marvel and Mortal Kombat X pads are easy to hack, as well as the WWE and Street Fighter Mad Catz pads. Appreciate any info or help you guys could provide.


There’s a EZMod solution for the TE2+ if I’m not mistaken. Theoretically, if you can change buttons and a joystick out on a stick, you should be able to install it.


Honestly, look up some of the how to solder guides on you tube, buy a cheap iron and some pref board and scrap wire or some old and broken electronics (like a old radio or something) and start to practice.
Also for fine small pitch soldering, flux is your best friend. Invest in some electrical solder flux


Thanks for the advice @Darksakul. I’m going for that route.

Does anyone know what mods can be done to a JLF or LS-32 to make it feel like a Wico/Happ P360? I was thinking the following;

Circle Gate
Kowal 1mm actuator
2lb spring
Bat top with extended shaft


P360’s are currently selling for $200 on eBay and I called Suzo Happ and was told the P360 is discontinued. I would like to find a cheaper alternative and I’m primarily be using it for MvC2.

Thank you.


For Japanese sticks, the Sanwa JLW came the most close to feeling like a American style joystick.
Unfortunately the JLW is hard to find, there are clones called the J-stick floating around

Next closes in my opinion is the LS-40
I also skip the extended shaft, as the longer shaft is not going to do you any favors in therms of game play move execution. The JLF has a long enough throw as it is, and the Happ and IL joystics (mostly the competition) actually have a shorter throw. Just get a Bat top with a bat top adapter.


I’m ordering a PS3/4 Brook PCB and for once I’d like to use the 20 pin connector instead of screw terminals.

I want to do the wiring myself but I’m not sure of what part I should order.

Could someone give me the specific name (if there is so) of a compatible 20-pin connector, and one for the pre-soldered touchpad connector, as named here :

Thanks a lot !