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I’m beginning to mod my SF5 Ryu TE2+for PS4, I have already added a Kaimana LEDkit with help from Paradise Arcade. What I want ask about is to do with the side panels and bezel. I think the LEDs would look better if the sides and bezel were black to match the body.

If i do this with a spray paint, off the shelf as I have no air brush or similar experience, what should I use? Should I sand the plastic first to adhere the paint or use a primer?

Any help is appreciated.


Best advice is not to paint if you have no experience.

If you gotta paint, you need to sand and primer before painting, and once you paint finish with a clear coat.
Avoid Krylon, that brand is crap, and the All-in-one paint and primer is the devil. Use automotive grade paint.

Alternatively if you are unsure, use plastidip as you can peel it off if you make a mistake or change your mind