Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Hi everyone…

I’ve got an old Hori RAP2 that I’ve been considering upgrading to a bit of a universal project stick to keep and just upgrade over time instead of buying new ones for consoles (using something like brook ufb).

Main issue is that at some point I either got rid of or lost the carriage bolts that hold the top panel down. Does anyone know of a good replacement or what size they are?

Would this work for what you’re trying to achieve?

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Probably would! I think I actually had some of those, but the ones I used had the threads tapped into the acrylic, which might be why I don’t have them anymore (probably stripped out). Those look to have a nut embedded, so should be much more robust.

Ok quick question, I’m setting up a chewlix Cabinet that I found on hard rubbish (side of the road) putting a new monitor in it, new buttons and sticks and a xbox 360 in it. I have 2 brawlsticks and wanted to utilise the home LS/DP/RS panel with my PS360+ boards, anyone know how to wire them up?
Thanks Reuben

Hello ,

Im looking to add the kaimana LED kit to my F500 , i have the pcb + breakout board , 20 pin harness and leds , the thing is im not sure how to assemble the whole thing , I’ve seen some youtube vids from fundando but i stil have questions , do i strip the current button cables on the mayflash pcb to pass them through the breakout board ? and how do i power everything? D:

Any advise would be greatly appreciated for this fightstick newbie looking to get into modding and not screw up his only stick n.n

Does ANYONE have an art template for the Ultra Ulia???


So I have this…“Ultra Ulia”…that’s been sitting in my old place for quite some time. Essentially, it’s a bootleg Hori RAP 3, but it has a 24mm hole for the home button on the left side, while actual RAPs have the little control panel or whatever you want to call it.

I’d like to get my hands on an art template for this thing so I can make some art for it. I could always wing it, but I’d prefer to have a more accurate template to work with so I can get the labels just right.

Whats the best adhesive for re attaching te-s+ stock artwork? Ive got a corner 5hats come loose and it wont stay put no matter how long i keep it pressed down.

You try using a shorter USB cable?