Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Thanks, I will keep the stick and hopefully nothing else is wrong with it. I waited pretty long for newegg to get it in stock cause they are the only place i dont get taxed

Does someone have any tips on how to install that new Noir Type-N Panel that MadCatz came out with for the TE2?

Tried to install mine last night, and I don’t know how to get the Plexi and the Art to lay together without hella air bubbles being trapped between them. It looks like a bad cellphone screen protector install right now.

P.S. My application is for the XBOne KI TE2, if that matters.

Hello! I have a Hori Rap Vx Kai and I want to dual mod it to work with ps3.
Some later time when I can afford it, I will buy a ps4. What is the easy method for the stick to be compatible with these 3 systems?
From my research ChImp or cerberus pcb seems the best to dual mod an X360 stick to work with ps3. Can I add ps4 functionality to it later somehow?

Or is it just better to buy a Hori Gamepad (with ps3 and ps4 functions) and somehow hack it in my stick? (this seems to be harder to do)

Use the Hori FC4. It will allow you to add both ps4 and ps3 functionality to your xbox 360 stick.

oh great. What else do I need for this to work besides the gamepad?

and… I see there is a switch on the Hori pad between the ps3 and 4 modes. How do I operate this if I built it into my stick? Do I need to place an extra switch outside?

Hey, guys.

I need some help with installing the PS360+ to my 360 TE stick. The youtube videos are pretty straight forward, and not hard at all to follow. But if I do that, I don’t get the turbo-panel, including the xbox home button, to work. Is it possible to get the full and normal functionality of the xbox te round 1 with the ps360+? If so, how?


BTW: What’s the status on the ps4-support??

You will need to wire the signals for ground and the Guide button from the harness that plugs into the Turbo panel to the PS360+. Because the turbo panels differ slightly I’m not sure off the top of my head which points are which.

Additionally, if you want to retain the turbo/guide button lockout, you’ll need to wire ground to the point that says KGND or XGND.

I’ve gone as far as wiring up the player LEDs to the ps360+ to retain that feature as well :slight_smile:

There hasn’t been an official update on this beyond having to reseat cables after 8 minutes, but I have a feeling it’ll be like the VMU attachment… A Pipe dream.

Also, holding start and select will bring up the hold menu with the PS360.

damn you autocorrect. Home/guide is what Mr. President meant :slight_smile:

hopefully you found your answer. DPDT and SPST switches in combination, I believe. Dremel some holes in your cable holder or on the exterior then install these switches. DPDT is used to switch between the two boards and then SPST to switch between the two options on the FC4. (please correct my understanding if necessary!)

I was going to do this myself but after much research and head-scratching I decided to contact a modder in my area instead. even the simple idea of whether or not the hori pcb was common ground wasn’t so easy to determine in my case.

Thanks! I will try my best to get it right!

I’ll take this advice and figure something out. It’s kind of frustrating having BOTH the PS3/PS4 and Xbone TE2 sticks, and yet the local hangout is all Xbox 360 (for which I have a SFIV SE stick w/sanwa replacements). I’ll try to convince myself to put in the time and work with this info.

Thanks, both of you!

Recently my Qanba Q4RAF has started to mess up inputs. For example slowly moving from down-right to down would make the inputs flash between down and down-right. I opened it up, switches and all, and managed to see that at one time both up and right were pressed down inside the switches but only right was detected. Some contact issue I guess? Seems to be a problem in both the up and right directions. Opening it up and putting it back together magically fixes the issue for a day or so.

This being my first arcade stick I had some questions. I’ve had the stick for 1.5 years or so, playing with it on-and-off. Is it normal for the switches to go bad in that timeframe? If not, could it be due to misuse or is it just bad luck? It’s not expensive to fix which is good though shipping it to Finland will more than double the cost. I was going to buy http://www.arcadeworlduk.com/products/Sanwa-TP-MA-Board.html but before that also wanted to make sure that there isn’t some trick I can do to fix it and that I’m not having some other issue I’ve managed to overlook in my inexperience.

On a positive note it finally made me actually open up the stick and see what it’s like inside. Cool stuff.

That’s a bit fast for it to wear out, but not impossible. You could try opening the micro switches and cleaning them with compressed air and contact cleaner first.

it sounds like one of the microswitches is getting worn out. you can open it up and place a small piece of cardboard in between the contacts to shorten the engagement distance. there is a video for it here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QytcbzZmXaI. that might tide you over for awhile but eventually you’ll wanna replace the actual switch.

How close is the stick to the buttons on the HRAP 4 Kai in comparison to a TE? Going to pick up a ps4 stick and weighing my options.

Will Seimitsu PS-14-GN-C Screw ins fit in a TE2? Looked around, couldn’t find anything to verify they fit without modding.

I don’t see why they would not fit.

for some reason i thought I read the screw in rings hit and couldn’t be tightened on a few of the buttons.

Semitzu nuts fit. Sanwa nut will not fit on short (low kick) because it rubs up against the stick mounting bracket.