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Cool, cheers Dark

I’m deciding between building my own stick with a tek case, getting a hori rap4, or getting a maybe a qamba q1 or a mayflash and mod it with samwa parts. This will mostly use with PC and maybe later a PS4.

This is going to be my first fightstick ever and still not sure. Budget is no more than $150 but will like to spend less in case I end up not liking using one.

Any good recommendation?

DIY is always going to cost you more than just buying a premade stick, unless you don’t mind your stick looking very, very ghetto.
And buying a cheap stick like the Mayflash or Qanba Q1 and upgrading it can cost you more in total. A Joystick + buttons is going to cost you $40 to 55 alone.

If you going cheap go for the Hori hrap V4, the stick built for you, it works on the PC fine and has everything to get started
DIY route will cost the most but for many of us its also the most fun, assuming you have the technical skills.

Does anyone know if you can peel off the sticker that comes with the Hori Rap V4for PS3/4?

I have found a template for the Hori Rap 4 for PS3/4 getting something printed out soon and hope it works.

Does anybody know if there’s any issue with just removing the silencing pad from the Gamerfinger buttons? I love the MX switches but am less than enamored with the feeling of hitting a spongy bad.

Edit: Nevermind, curiosity got the best of me. The button goes down a bit further than is desirable but everything still works. Might be worth adding a 1mm thick piece of styrene or something.

Hey, how big hole I have to drill for Sanwa 24mm obsn screw?
24 mm? Can I drill 25 maybe?

I ask coz everyone I asked did not have 24mm drill. Just 25.

And could someone link me where I could download some hitbox layouts to print and drill holes based of?


24 mm is the size of hole the 24mm buttons are designed for. 25mm would be too loose.
same thing with 30mm buttons.

Best advice for cutting art? I’m lucky I have retired plexis that I can use to cut my art. It’s just the edges are hard and always come out uneven. I’m using an xacto knife and following the plexi as a guideline. Sometimes I slip and it cuts into the plexi.

Hey guys; I was in the market for a PC/Xbone/PS4 stick. I decided to get the Hori Real Arcade Pro for Xbone for about 98 USD and mod ps4 onto it later on. I mostly game on the pc right now and I heard the Trigger buttons don’t work for PC which is fine since I only need 6 buttons; however one button that’s really awkward for me which is the top right button, here is a picture of the working buttons inside the green.

Can I just open up the arcade stick and switch the wires around to get the buttons I want to work (like moving the top right to the bottom) ?

Lastly is it worth breaking the warranty seal to mod this arcade panel and if so can someone direct to a noob proof method of modding a ps4 pad onto my stick.


EDIT: Also if I mod it with a PS4 pad, would that I mean I can use all 8 buttons on the PC (like the trigger buttons will work)?

I’ve seen people use these circular cutters you can get at craft stores and art stores. I can’t remember what they’re called offhand, but I’m sure you can find them if you google search hard enough. Someone might know what I’m referring to and be able to provide a more clear light on the official name.

You could do that, but the buttons labels on the outside would be incorrectly labeled and it would become a pain when using on consoles at events where everyone has the same button layout. You’d have to spend extra time in button check with every play instead of using default.

“noob proof method” and “ps4 pad” is an oxymoron. Unless you have padhacking or soldering skills, you’re going to have a big issue with doing it yourself.


So i have kinda seen this question already asked a few times, but the answers seem to be for variations of my stick so i’m just going to ask.
Is there a template/flexi for the HORI RAP 4 PS3/PS4 stick?
http://www.amazon.com/HORI-Real-Arcade-Pro-PlayStation-4/dp/B00SULMRI4 ( just to make sure everyone is 100% which variation i’'m referring to)
Also, while i’m here, does anyone of any recommendations for mechanical buttons for this stick? the stock ones seem more “mushy” then i was use to/like on my old stick.

I actually do have some soldering skills; I just never worked on modding an arcade stick with it. Also one last question, will a custom artwork designed for the Hori RAP 4 PS4 stick fit onto the one I have?

@FrankCastleAZ I know it’s called the rotary circular cutter. I’m just talking about the edges of the art. I guess I’m just rushing and it’s messing me up.

Hello Fellow Arcade and Joysakteers! Hopefully a Quick Question about the PS3/PS4 Hori RAP4 stick.

Anyone have any pictures of the front of the joystick? I’m considering buying one of these, but I want to move the Options button off the main part of the panel, and I see the right side has most of the other buttons there (PS, L3, R3, Turbo, etc…). So was checking to see if the front has a flat surface to drill a hole and move it there.

Thanks if anyone has a suggestion for placing that button someplace else.

There is one I found from tek innovations that says its for the Hori RAP 4 I am getting a print out made this week I will post of it works out or not

No. I posted about it earier on this same page.

Also, that is the Hori RAP4 Kai. Sticks labeled “Kai” have a larger separation between stick & buttons.

I don’t see anything for the RAP4 Kai on Tek Innovations’ website under products or templates. Unless I’m blind, whatever you grabbed will not work. The V3/VX Kai template will not fit properly.

Crapola thanks well there goes one wasted print job it was already finished before I could stop it

Anyone know where to get hitbox layouts? And how do people print it? Because it has to matching size when pronted. Circles have to be 24mm for example.

I’ll post images of it when I’m done with it.

Is it physically getting stuck, or is it resetting to neutral but in game it’s still receiving inputs?