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It is physically getting stuck. When it happens, I don’t hear anymore clicks when I move it to that side. I just hit the gate.

Man if it’s the actual switches getting stuck I really don’t know how you could fix it other than replacing them. I figured it was the stick getting stuck for a moment in which case I had success taking it apart and applying the grease that FA sells, but again if it’s your switches I don’t know how that could be happening, especially if it’s happening to more than one direction which seems really weird. You could try taking it apart and spraying some compressed air in each of the switches to loosen up any debris that may be in them. You never spilled anything on it, right? lol

No I haven’t. It hasn’t happened on another direction in a long time. When it starts to happen, the stick starts to feel weird. It feels kinda like its stiff, then soon after it will get stuck. I usually do a “temporary” fix of spinning my stick around in a 360 a couple of times.

You need to apply some lubricant to the grommet is my take, when you do the 360 you spread whatever bit of lubricant it still has on it. You need electronics grease and a bit of patience to disarm the joystick and apply a bit to it.

are the zippy ls32 clones worth it? been thinking about ordering one

how thick can the material of a plate for sanwa obsf24 and 30 be?
in one shop it says 2-4mm in the other 2-5

any chance to use thicker material 6-7mm and to squeeze it in or will it then for sure not fit?

I’ve put them in 20mm panel with no problems. The little catch clicks out when it’s in a thinner material to keep it in place, but it doesn’t affect the operational function when it can’t pop out, and it holds firm enough. Might be a squeeze if it’s exactly a 30mm hole, but I find most drill bits leave at least .5mm wiggle room.

I will give this a shot.

Is it advisable to spray paint my own TE Bezel? and what kind of paint I should get? I really want a white one for my round 2 but shipping is too much out of US

I would say vinyl dye but not sure if you can dye something dark to something white, I’m sure layers of good paint for plastic and possibly a clear coat would work, but it might chip or wear off over time because of it will be on contact with your hands a lot.

Just order one in the right color from Madcatz directly. It’d obviously be more expensive than painting, but you know it’d have longevity.


Hey guys looking for some help/tips, i have this old tekken 5 stick laying around and i decided to try and fix it up. So i got all the buttons and stuff all good and now i need to replace the power cable. So i got it unplugged and was going to try and replace with with one from a ps2 pad but once i took the controller apart i noticed they are different. The ps2 has 9 cables and the t5 stick has 8 they also have some different colors. So my question is is it possible to place the t5 one with the ps2 pad one if so what do i need to do? is there a guide or something that has this kind of info? thanks in advance.

are there still remnants of the wire on the ps2 t5 board? you could grab multimeter and probe the old cable to find out which lines correspond to the correct signals on the new one.

@Poklin talk to hibachi final he’s modded several hori sticks.

@ coffeejuice the ps2 cable is still connected to the board i was trying to match the colors up and stuff before i started taking everything apart

Is there some kind of badging or other way to distinguish an IL Eurostick from a similar-looking happ?

I can’t figure out if the sticks I installed in my Hyper Fighting are kinda crappy or if it’s just been so long that I’ve played a fighting game with a non-sanwa that I’ve forgotten the proper american feel.

yeah i thought so too, well I guess the money can’t be saved =)

I believe the IL sticks have a white actuator, Happs have a black one. Also, newer Happ sticks have E-switches instead of Cherry switches.

Shows the pins. I don’t know about the colors.

Since this is brought back. @GeorgeC or @rtdzign do you have the pinout for a trimmed T5 PCB? I currently dont own a multimeter. The one in the above link?
NVM the text was small.

Hello everyone. I currently have a HRAP3 and I’d like to change the button layout to a vewlix. I found the plexi panel replacements from Art at tek innovations but I’m wondering about warping due to heat when not using the metal panel. Is this common when using just plexi to support the stick and buttons?