Absolute SF newbie here

Sorry if this is the wrong message board to post this, but I am a complete SF newcomer, I just got the game yesterday on PS4, and I honestly don’t know where to even begin or what resources to use. I’m quite lost and overwhelmed tbh and was hoping someone here could help me out. As of right now I main Ken (momochi hype).

Street Fighter newbie? To the newbie dojo we go.

For SF4 resources, please read the stickies.

For PS3 matchmaking, please use this section: http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/playstation-network

Asking a specific question helps.
Otherwise you can go through the basics guides plastered all over this website.






I’ll add: http://shoryuken.com/2014/07/07/learn-how-to-play-fighting-games-with-our-free-beginners-guide-ebook/

Those videos and that book are pretty much the foundation of how all fighting games work - Street Fighter especially, but you can see the same things at work in individual situations in even batshit insane games that seem nothing like Street Fighter.

I’m really new too. My psn is: nitelife334 . Feel free to add me, and we can learn as we fight each other.

when playing ranked set your opponent skill to ANY. You will get blown up when you play better people, but by getting creamed you learn quickly what does not work and where you are weak. If you only play people your own skill level you can reinforce bad habits if you win using them. Keep it on ANY as you get better because not only do you get to practice fancy combos on less good players, but you have to keep your scrubbusting skills sharp as you transition to tournament play

You can check out the communities feature on PS4. There’re some groups that are keen on helping others out or strictly for newcomers. I could recommend you some if you’d like. Lemme know.