Absolute worst match-ups for EVERYBODY


Yes, for everyone that isn’t top. Discuss here.

Can someone confirm this, BTW?

Yamazaki < Vega




From personal experience,
yun > vice


P-Yama/Sagat > any Yun


cammy > vega

guile > mai

sagat > cammy

nak > vega

vega > blanka


These are all pretty even fights to me…


my bad, sorry i posted my opinion

just kidding, well those matchups i have hardtimes against

c-chun > c-sagat


All those are true except Vega doesnt beat Blanka. Blanka just has to be even more patient than usual.

C-sagat > S-kyosuke


i have no clue how to get in on sagat with c-chun… i’d say that match is even since chun will get a stand strong once or twice a match


You need to play smart footsies with your kikoken. The MP one has range, but the HP one has quick recovery. Both versions will beat Sagat when he tries to s.LK you times one million.
Make sure you’re positive Sagat won’t be going for a jump or roll-in when you throw out the hcf+MP.

Don’t bother jumping in or trying to cross-up. Chun-li’s jump is too high and floatly. I only play a mediocre level C-Sagat at best, and even I can DP on reaction everytime Chun leaves the ground.

Sagat will do stuff like far s.LK, d.HP. You’ll be counter hit if you try something after the s.LK, but if you just wait, Sagat’s d.HP will whiff. You can walk up, far s.MP xx super that.

Other than that, d.HK every time Sagat jumps and don’t roll. This match isn’t so bad.


Yup, pretty much. All I do is stay barely out of range of his S.HK and counter-hit it with C.MP. S.MP to try and stuff anything since he can’t duck it. Can’t jump at Vega either since S.HK owns Yamazaki for free. Vega can C.HK slide from a safe range to annoy even more.

The only worse matchup I see for Yamazaki in a non-rolling groove is against Rugal’s Kaiser Waves. That shit is just too funny too watch. :lol:


yeah, but good sagats use s. short until you have to do something stupid… no one good is gonna whiff a c. fierce against chun


id like to play some of you river side guys with my c chun against your sagats since u guys whiff st short so often maybe u can pick up a few things its all about footsies


with chun do walking stand shorts to get in range. but once u r in try to stay low and try to get him to whiff a s.fierce. use forward+mk to make your way in. Usually when i whiff this sagat tries to s.fierce, that’s your opportunity for c.mpxxsuper.


Kyo (P/K) : A-Hibiki, A-Bison, Dr. Claw, RC Blanka

Edit: Possibly Cammy too. And according to Buktooth, short mofuggas can crouch his s.rh, which is no good. K-Blanka has to deal with Kyo’s anti-JD tricks.

Kyo vs. Chun Li thread is suprisingly informative on characters other than Chun li. Here.


Don’t let Dr. Claw touch your privates anymore. I heard he’s not a real doctor!


set the training dummy to mash stand short and try to counterpoke with strong super… better yet, come out to riverside and i’ll short you to death