Absolutely hate that capcom knowingly picks winners and losers



As is the case with all middle tier characters, they just do not do enough damage. All the top characters are scary, damage outputting machines. Capcom knows this. So why do they pretend characters like Decapre can compete at the highest levels?


Decapre does a crapload of damage with a launcher, and still good damage with a Cammy style frame trap.


She does what top 10 practical damage? what a terrible character


No this dude is not implying that Decapre doesn’t do enough damage…

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You’re talking about the same company who purposely made Yun & Yang MUCH better than the rest of the cast in the original version of AE so this shouldn’t be any surprise.


OP is wrong about Decapre, though.



Decapre is not some high tier monster, this is true, but it’s not for the reason you stated.
Decapre, under most circumstances, hits like a damn truck.

Unless the OP considers Hugo top tier because he only needs to touch you 3 times…


i don’t know what op wants from decapre she is so good like i don’t think there is a character that is more dead middle tier than her yah she doens’t have much in terms of GREAT matchups but like none of her matchups are very bad. i never feel like a fight is remotely unwinnable maybe i have to put in a little more work but she never feels very helpless. she even does well against the “top tier” characters. she isn’t the best by a stretch but u can’t remotely discount her i wouldn’t be that shocked if a decapre places well at evo this year but i don’t know if there are any top tier players playing her at evo this year.


I’ll admit my post was stupid. Decapre is just fine. It’s my noobness with her that’s the issue. I was playing her completely wrong. Her turtle game is crazy. And she is very strong from all ranges. To give her Evil Ryu-like damage would be absurd. My bad for a dumb post fellas.


I’m actually starting to wonder if there’s a few things that are going to get nerfed for Decapre.


Dude stop being emo. I know you play/played Bison, it’s still running in your veins. Kappa


Haha! Oh snap!


Momochi played Decapre for a few rounds in the CEO finals and was doing pretty good with her