Absolution 2k4 results



CvS2 results:

  1. Ino (JP) - K-Cammy,Blanka,Sagat
  2. D44Bas (JP) - A-Sakura,Blanka,Vega
  3. Evil (Fr) - C-Gouki/Ryu,Blanka,Sagat (no RCs)
  4. RF (JP) - A-Sakura,Blanka,Vega

Daigo (C-Sagat,Ken,Guile) knocked out by Evil in quarter finals
other teams:
Chikyuu: N-Kyosuke/Cammy,Raiden,Rolento (he’s the best :D)
Kiyo: N-Ryu,Morrigan,Sagat

GGXX#r results:

  1. Daigo (JP) - Sol
  2. RF (JP) - Faust
  3. D44bas (JP) - Slayer???
  4. INO (JP)

SFA3 results:

  1. D44Bas (JP) - V-Gouki
  2. Kiyo (JP) - Z-Guy
  3. Daigo (JP) -X/Z/V-Ryu
  4. chunkis (UK) V-Gouki

T4 results:

  1. Aenica (GRE)
  2. Danybross (BEL)
  3. Ironmike (UK)
  4. Noman (Isreal)

no Ryan Hart??

SSF2T results:

  1. Daigo (JP) - Ryu/Bison (boxer)
  2. Joseph/Zazza (UK) - O.Sagat
  3. Kuni (JP) - Zangief

Daigo played Bison a lot in casual play, beasting

TTT results:

  1. Bode (ITA)
  2. Ryan Hart (UK)
  3. Harry Potter (ITA)
  4. Leok (SPN)

go Italy! :smiley:

SC2 results:

  1. OliverJack (France)
  2. Asenka (France)
  3. Will (UK)
  4. Malakai (UK) - Nightmare
  5. -13- (ITA) - Maxi
  6. ShadyTea (UK) - Talim

VF4Evo results:

3S results:

  1. Daigo (JP) - Ken?
  2. Izu (JP) - Makoto?

VF4E 3on3 teams results:

**SC2 3on3 FR v UK v JP v BEL v NL v ITA v POL v SPA ** results:

TTT 2on2 UK vs any challengers results:

3S 5on5 UK vs Japan results:

3s 5on5 Europe vs Japan results:

A3 5on5 UK vs Japan results:


Yo, just got back, Daigo was eliminated by Evil in the quarter finals. He also almost lost earlier to yamazaki93 in the groups. The French players did quite well in CvS2.

GGXX#R results:

1 - Daigo
2 - RF
3 - D44bas
4 - INO

A3 isn’t finished yet, it will end tomorrow night.


I actually thought that CvS2 was going to be dominated by Japanese players, but I guess that the French level is higher than I thought, congratulations.

Concerning the A3 groups, is there anything interesting to say?

Was GGXX completely dominated by the Japanese, or did the best euro players stand a chance? Like V-Ryu, ie?

Hell, every hour I feel sad and sadder for beieng broke and thus not be able to attend there :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Only v-ryu really stood a chance in GGXX, but he lost to D44BAS in the quarter finals. The Japanese dominated though, especially Daigo. The finals were very close, RF only lost by a few pixels. Daigo and him were both playing really well. Daigo used Slayer a lot in casual and was awesome. But in the tournament he went back to Sol.

No upset in A3 afaik so far, only the qualifying groups were played because cvs2 ran for so long.


wow looks like a kick-ass tournament…

good shit euro :slight_smile:


was this a double or single elim tournament?


Is there going to be a DVD for this or are there going to be any vids online? Also, who did RF use in Guilty Gear?


There’s a DVD planned but nothing concrete yet. RF played Faust and sometimes Robo Ky, I think. More updates tomorrow.


who’s RF?


Cvs2 teams?


glo Hol Horse. Appreciate that shiet:) Looks like Evil is famous now!



Wow, I’m suprised Daigo didn’t place well in cvs2.:eek:

Ino is just TOO GOOD.:cool:

Daigo still is the best in GGXX I see.


wtf? daigo didn’t even place top 5?

edit: Was absolution held on console or arcade? :>




I think its a console tourney

Infos at ullysis.com


good job europe for proving that USA and Japan arent the only places to play


very knackered Chef wakes up for tekken tournies today…

It’s mixed.
3s and A3 are arcade, ST and CVS2 are DC, and TTT, T4, SC2, GGXX#R and VF4evo are PS2.

Hope I have enough energy left for ST, Vf and 3s on Saturday as well… these tournies don’t seem to finish till midnight. CVS2 took ALL DAY yesterday :mad:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)


<liljohn> how did a3 groups go ?
<Butta> all japanese players qualified
<Butta> chunkis qualified
<liljohn> huh
<liljohn> only chunkis of the europeans ?
<neoKEN> who got 1st through 3rd?
<Butta> The_Chef didn’t qualify
<Butta> that’s all i know
<liljohn> how many people can qualify or one group ?
<neoKEN> last i checked it was 2
<liljohn> hehe I heard daigo got eliminated
<liljohn> ok than will see some euro action
<neoKEN> maybe that rumor was from chunkis ? :stuck_out_tongue:

<liljohn> nah in cvs2 i mean
<Butta> in the quarter final
<liljohn> french players too good !
<neoKEN> yeah i heard about it
<neoKEN> daigo getting lazy from getting too use to your best of 3 games tournament. lol
<neoKEN> no 2nd chance for j00 daigo!
<liljohn> hehe !
<liljohn> man V-ryu has to qualify
<neoKEN> !!!
<neoKEN> how did he do?
<liljohn> i dunno ma
<Butta> pretty good in a3
<liljohn> he was in apoule with GQ
<liljohn> i think he’s through
<liljohn> hope so
<liljohn> did many people show up ?
<neoKEN> any people would could stand a chance against v-ryu in his pool other than gq?
<Butta> wow, then The_Chef had not only daigo and gq but also v-ryu

<neoKEN> any other.
<neoKEN> ugh. i don’t know that got typed
<neoKEN> was there any other person that would stand a chance against v-ryu in that pool other than GQ?
<liljohn> hmmm lemme check
<Butta> [02:09] The_Chef Butta: I got banged up by Daigo and Chikyuu
<liljohn> ah
<liljohn> maybe they put groups together because peeps didn’t showed up
<Butta> yep
<neoKEN> harsh

  • RaJu_ has joined #cornertrap
    <Butta> i see no other reason
    <liljohn> oops my mistake
    <liljohn> v-ryu is in the poule with IZU
  • RaJu_ is now known as Rule—
    <Butta> izu didn’t play a3 from what i heard
    <liljohn> Raju k\can you tell us something
    <neoKEN> i never heard of izu in a3 before
    <liljohn> his name is in the group though

<Rule—> ?
<liljohn> about A3
<Butta> yeah, but he didn’t play
<Rule—> what bout it?
<liljohn> who qualified
<liljohn> and stuff
<liljohn> how did euro do :slight_smile:
<Rule—> ddunno everyone, so fay i know is: bas, kuni, chunkis, GJ, evilguy, daigo, ino, rf, kiyu
<liljohn> v-ryu ? :frowning:
<liljohn> coool thnx man
<liljohn> who is Rf ?
<liljohn> I know he;s japanese
<Rule—> yeah
<liljohn> so they are finishing a3 now
<Rule—> he came second in ggxx, and thrid in cvs2
<Rule—> no
<Butta> [02:32] huang how was jimmy v-ryu doing at a3 ?
<Rule—> a3 SE is this evening
<Butta> [02:32] The_Chef huang: he was doing quite good
<Rule—> dunno how jimmy did

<liljohn> ahh thnx
<liljohn> I didn’t know france was that good at cvs2
<liljohn> they should go to SBO
<Rule—> everyone was shocked to see daigo go out
<liljohn> I can imagine that
<liljohn> hehe
<Rule—> hmmm
<liljohn> Rule did you enter a3 ?
<Rule—> ino and chikyuu have sc2 today
<Rule—> yeah i entered
<liljohn> if so how did you do
<Rule—> i won 5 matchs
<Rule—> not enough to qualify
<liljohn> kewl
<Rule—> i shoulda had kuni though, bum super wouldnt come out :frowning:
<liljohn> lol what char did you use
<Rule—> x-sim
<liljohn> hardcore
<Rule—> :stuck_out_tongue:
<liljohn> kuni used zangief ?

<Rule—> yeah
<Rule—> Bas only lost 1 round in quals
<Rule—> :o
<liljohn> against who ? lol
<Rule—> arma
<liljohn> w00t
<liljohn> did arma use his gen
<Rule—> yeah
<Rule—> gen and guy
<Butta> nice
<liljohn> arma is da bomb
<Rule—> yeah
<liljohn> i’ve seen him play
<Rule—> considering that he played ggxx before a3, it didnt mess him up at all
<liljohn> man I should have been at abs
<Rule—> yeah
<Rule—> im gong this evening again
<liljohn> I envy you
<liljohn> :slight_smile:
<Rule—> lol


Now, an US vs Euro CVS2 would be very interesting…


damn thanks to everyone in the USA for keeping this quiet so long (that was sarcasm)

europe must be pretty good good job guys